Kinda the sequel to this blog.

When the fandom first started, one of the main things it stood for is respecting the opinions or interests of others even if we don't feel the same way.

But is it still like this or has that changed too? (again, refer to my original blog for that)

I stopped explicitly mentioning... that one thing that only I noticed, due to people giving me a hard time for it on here. And now, as one user noticed, I'm hesitant to even mention something adorable Fluttershy does twice in Flutter Brutter, because everyone else who found it adorable seems to have left when Twilight became an alicorn (I've seen captions about it in the gallery of Seasons 1-3 episodes, but not Seasons 4-6).

Although I have taken it as a good sign that recently someone on here said they liked G3 and no one gave them a hard time for it.

On the other hoof, I have seen comments on here belittling the opinions of others