(Maybe this is a result of the unnecessarily long hiatus and I know some users will comment on the ridiculousness of it, and they could be right, but here we go. Also, may contain spoilers for Seasons 4 and 5 of Game of Thrones regarding Joffrey and Gregor, respectively)

There was a time when the fandom thrived, aside from having to dodge anti-bronies. And while I heard that has died down due to the show's popularity increasing, things have been happening that is causing the fandom to grow smaller and smaller.

The first big blow came when Twilight became an alicorn at the end of Season 3. People raged about it, called Hasbro greedy and said they were trying to get rid of us, and about half of the fandom left because of it. Also, because of the accusations against Hasbro (which I tried to convince everyone were false, if you remember), they seemed to start liking us less, as they started to do less for us (unlike the writers), and also shut off all communication by making it impossible to email them (probably people sent them death threats or something).

Of particular note, releasing Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks in select theaters so not everyone can see it when it first comes out. If you're not going to release it in all theaters, then put it straight to DVD, doofuses!

Then there's the 9 months between Seasons 3 and 4, but those who didn't rage at Alicorn Twilight were able to stay through that. But with Season 5 coming 11 months after Season 4, people got bored, lost interest, and left the fandom.

And then there's the Hub changing to Discovery Family, who is putting increasingly long gaps between the episodes (the first of which so they could show G3 instead), and from what I heard, you actually have to pay for this channel, so I'm wondering if Discovery Family wants to get rid of us. Which would ironically mean that Hasbro is forcing them to air MLP, and therefore still does care for us. (of course this has no impact on those of us who live in Canada)

So I think it's only a matter of time before this fanbase dies as quickly as that of the Tim Burton Batman series. Anyone who still likes MLP 5 years from now (which I no doubt will) will be "someone in a dead fandom".

To this, Thanos's imminent victory, Dodgson's non-reappearance, Gregor's SparedByAdaptation, and even the death of one of my favorite Supernatural characters is as nothing, because at least those are all fictional events, this is different, as it is what's happening with a show and its fanbase in real life. I guess this fandom was never meant to be, best we can do is make the most of it until it ends.

G1 on the other hand is gaining quite a fanbase itself after the whole Tirek thing... G1 was all right but it still wasn't as good as G4 and this fandom could have been a turning point to make the world a better place

Edit: Looks like Gregor is dead after all, and his corpse reanimated as a silent zombie. Of course that didn't stop people from going all Chrysalis on him and saying that the only thing that "changed" about him was the color of his skin. Even in Game of Thrones the only two villains people want to be killed off are Joffrey and Viserys, according to WatchMojo's Top 10 Satisfying Deaths of Hated TV Characters (and until I saw that I didn't know there'd be 9 others besides Joffrey)