I don't remember how much of this I've covered in other blogs, so here's to talking about opinions of the latest villain, Lord Tirek.

1.) Like or hate?

Tirek was meant to outshine Chrysalis, aside from not having a villain song. He has the single most epic battle in the series, is the biggest threat, and is a reboot of the very first G1 villain, who was just as dark and made G1 the most hardcore TV cartoon of its time with both his darkness and his death.

However, their plan backfired by having him send Celestia, Luna, and Cadance to Tartarus (a.k.a. hell), and destroying Twilight's library. Many hate him for this and would have preferred to see him killed.

Do you like Tirek or not?

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2.) Fate?

They didn't kill Tirek because when Chrysalis and Sombra died, people outright denied it, saying "Chrysalis is faster than Rainbow Dash so she recovered with her wings" or "Sombra can regenerate from his horn because he regenerated his horn while in shadow form", and were disappointed when Sombra's death was confirmed.

However, because of what Tirek did many want him dead. Some say Cerberus tears him apart as punishment for sending three princesses to Tartarus (Celestia and Luna are presumably his owners who assign him to guard the gates of Tartarus).

A few have even suggested that Tirek WAS killed by the Mane 6 with Rainbow Power, and that when a villain dies they appear in Tartarus imprisoned in an impenetrable cage, to endure whatever nightmares await. Maybe his "reimprisonment" was really eternal tarnation. (Dragonball Z and Mario have had characters enter Other World while alive, Greek Mythology says it's possible to walk into Tartarus/Hades, so is it that unlikely? Besides, Celestia, Luna, and Cadance were sent through a portal while Tirek was blasted there) This in turn could open possibility of seeing Chrysalis and Sombra again

(Edit, though I can't alter the poll without resetting votes): Some are even going further than the whole "eternal tarnation" theory by saying he was killed the first time but escaped from Tartarus like how Kratos gets out of Hades in God of War or how John Milton gets out of hell in Drive Angry. (similarly, they say Celestia and Luna killed Sombra and he's a ghost, Crystal Heart just put a final end to him like Myotismon in Digimon, who was also a ghost when Imperialdramon destroyed him the final time) As an undead form he couldn't be killed so they sent him back and trapped him in the cage. (personally I lean more towards "eternal tarnation after being destroyed by Rainbow Power" theory) Similarly, Screwball first thought that this was the original Tirek, who was in Tartarus after Megan destroyed him with the Rainbow of Light.

What do you think Tirek's ultimate fate is?

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3.) Last villain?

I said if there was ever a final villain for the show it'd be Tirek, who was the first ever villain in G1 (which of course is separate continuity, although some still think of MLP as like Transformers or Zelda. I'll get to that later.) And what happens? Season 4 two-part finale has a G4 Tirek as the main villain. The biggest threat to Equestria, with the most epic battle of the series, and the first, and so far, only villain to be defeated by Rainbow Power, which is completely unstoppable seeing as how Tirek, in his all-powerful form, couldn't even faze them. a.) That seems like final villain material to me. b.) If a new villain comes, the Mane 6 could just defeat them with Rainbow Power right away so there'd be no story that could last two episodes.

On the other hoof, peaple have argued most of us fans would be ancitipating a villain for the Season 5 premier. Many have suspected Grogar, although a few other G1 villains have been named too. (If they're rebooting more G1 villains now I'd like to see Lavan in a Season 5 final)

Do you think Tirek is the final villain of MLP: FiM?

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4.) G1 and G4: Same continuity?

Although it's most likely G1 and G4 are separate continuities, based on completely different portrayals of Applejack, Spike, Twilight, Tirek, and Scorpan, especially with Spike's origins, Tirek being killed in G1, and Scorpan being a prince Tirek transformed rather than his brother, some think they're the same continuity and it's just different characters with the same names and similar appearances, like in Zelda or Transformers. Possibly named after the original Applejack, Spike, Twilight, Tirek, and Scorpan.

Are G1 and G4 in the same continuity?

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So, what are your opinions? Votes and comments would be greatly appreciated

(and btw, I know I spelt "people" wrong, I meant to spell it that way)