Now this is my opinion and no flaming please, that is not the brony way. You can say you disagree with it all you want, as I'm sure many will (especially number 1), just please don't insult me for it. You don't hear me saying anything bad to people here who like G3. If I get enough negative comments, I'll have this blog deleted.

10: The Chronicles of Narnia (Disney)

This took the lowest spot on the list because I do like the series, especially Prince Caspian. They improved Voyage of the Dawn Treader by giving us a main villain in the form of the dark mist that was a mere obstacle in the original, and there is no denying that its special effects are infinitely superior to the BBC version. The only reason this is even on the list is because the Disney versions don't follow the books as closely as the BBC versions, which is an issue for The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by cutting out or changing classic lines and moments I remembered from the BBC and animated films, as well as reading the book or listening to book on tape read by Michael York.

9: Total Recall

The Total Recall remake wasn't bad, but it's just not the same without Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Ironside, and the Mars element. Speaking of Michael Ironside, there wasn't even a Richter, as his role is taken by Lori. I did like Cohaagen's death scene though, it was something just as unique as that of his original.

8: Sailor Moon's redub

To be fair, I haven't seen it, and I know it's bad form to judge something you haven't seen, but I feel they shouldn't have redubbed the classic anime to replace the original, with Japanese names at that. I know the original dub doesn't have many fans, but it was my first anime and feels like a classic series to me. I am familiar with Serena, Darien, Malachite, and female Zoycite, not Usagi, Mamoru, Kunzite, and effeminate male Zoisite. (And I know the name Usagi has some rabbit symbolism to it but I like the name Serena better)

Like, sure, they censored that thing about Zoisite and Fish Eye (not sure if I'm allowed to say it up front here) by making them women, but at least all the violence and death was left intact (aside from saying Beryl was "blasted to the Negaverse" which I'm sure was a euphemism for hell plus Artemis says Beryl was "completely destroyed" three episodes later).

Not to be confused with Sailor Moon Crystal, which tells a completely different story on its own, and I'd try it out if it got a full DVD box set instead of two episodes per disc (who's the greedball that designed that?). And if people wanted an English anime that uses the Japanese names, male Zoisite, etc., couldn't Sailor Moon Crystal suffice?

This used to be Number 9, but I bumped it up to Number 8 because I've heard reviews on Amazon saying that the Moonies hated this even more than the original dub, to the point of returning it for refunds.

7: Tomb Raider (2013)

It was fun watching my friend play through it, but I don't think I'd be able to myself. To me it seems harder and more complicated than the trilogy for the Xbox 360 (which I understand is a remake itself, but I haven't played the original original series). The trilogy is all about going through various dungeons (or, you know, tombs, though they do appear in a somewhat lesser role in the new game), dodging obstacles, and wielding Lara's classic infinite ammo double pistols (though I admit Underworld was a little harder than I'd like). While the 2013 game is more of a survival game, Lara is more vulnerable (and hates tombs), and she doesn't get the double pistols until the end of the game, though I understand it's like a new beginning to a new version of the character.

6: James Bond

The remake series (Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall) just don't seem to live up to the style of the original 20 films (Dr. No through Die Another Day). Like, where's all the technology that Q gives Bond? They even directly address the audience by having Q say "We don't go for that anymore". I couldn't even finish Quantum of Solace.

5: Winx Club's Nickelodeon dub

The 4Kids version is all right but my favorite version is the RAI English, or Cinelume, version. It has Seasons 1-4, the seasons I really care about, and is the only dub that has both of my two favorite villains, Darkar and Duman. However, the Nickelodeon version doesn't have Seasons 1 and 2, so no intro to the Winx, Trix, and magic dimension, and no Darkar. Also, I've seen a few clips of Nick's Season 4 and I like Ogron, Gantlos, and Duman's Cinelume voices better. Like, where's Duman's Australian accent (or is it a British accent, it's sometimes hard to tell between the two but I really like both, and Ogron's is a British accent that almost sounds like John Cleese, and Gantlos's almost sounds Scottish, and btw his voice actor, Mark Camacho, plays President Nixon in X-Men: Days of Future Past)?

I also blame the Nick version for most people here disliking the series, and the fact that Seasons 3 and 4 (which are the first two seasons of Nick) still haven't gotten a Cinelume DVD release like Seasons 1 and 2 got about a year ago, as I have a strong feeling both are connected to the existence of the Nick version.

4: My Little Pony Tales

My Little Pony began as a line of toys aimed at little girls. When the first TV series, G1, was created, George Arthur Bloom took the name and turned it into something good, something older viewers could enjoy, by putting it on par with Disney movies, with a dark and menacing villain named Tirek who even dies in the end, something no other TV cartoon in the 1980s did. If all future generations could have had any form of appeal, there wouldn't be anti-bronies. However, from what I heard, its second TV series, My Little Pony Tales, is the kind of show only little kids could enjoy. G1 would be forgotten by all except Lauren Faust from that moment onward, until she turned the name into something even better than G1: Friendship is Magic.

3: Dragonball Z's redub

The redub has been praised for its uncut episodes, graphic violence, and language. However, it comes at the price of trying to replace the classic original dub (though atleast FUNimation released the 53 Ocean episodes many years later), and its inferior voices and soundtrack. Christopher Sabat did excellent voices of Vegeta and Zarbon in the FUNimation portion of the original dub, even if he didn't sound exactly like Brian Drummond's "Over 9000" Vegeta, but in the redub, he inexplicably changed them, making Zarbon sound prissy and effeminate as opposed to the awesome Australian accent Paul Dobson did for him, and he really sounded like he had to strain to make Vegeta's voice sound like that in the redub (it hurts whenever I try to imitate that voice), and that deep voice is also disproportionate to the smaller Vegeta we saw in the Saiyan and Namek Sagas. The Ocean soundtrack was good, and the FUNimation portion of original dub had a Bruce Faulconer soundtrack that was awesome enough to get CD releases, but the redub replaces both with the Japanese soundtrack which sounds pretty lame.

Like Sailor Moon Crystal, couldn't Dragonball Kai suffice for uncut, language, etc.? Sure, no filler, but people think filler is a product of Satan anyway (though I disagree) and that's the whole point of Dragonball Kai in the first place!

2: G3 of My Little Pony

Now I don't mean to offend anyone here who likes G3, but most bronies hate G3 so much, as it apparently is the epitome of "little girl shows" with no appeal to most older viewers whatsoever. I have a strong feeling that neither the anti-brony problem nor skeptics of the G4's popularity would even exist if it wasn't for this show, this made it very difficult for people to think that My Little Pony could ever be anything good (and apparently Hasbro even intended Friendship is Magic to be the same, forbidding Lauren Faust from doing half the things she wanted to do to make it better, but she and other writers made it good enough to create a fanbase, which was embraced by Hasbro convincing them to allow the show to get more extreme, such as the fight with Tirek and death of Sombra).

Though some here have said that G3 isn't as bad as people think and G3.5 is the real bad one. If this is the case, then the entire position is taken by G3.5.

1: The Dark Knight trilogy

Now I know everyone on the planet is going to disagree with me as wholeheartedly as my belief that Chrysalis is dead, and you can express your disagreement in a friendly flame-free way all you want, but the Dark Knight trilogy just didn't feel like a Batman movie, or even a superhero movie, to me. There's been TV series that are all right, but as a film series, I liked the Tim Burton series, including Batman Forever though I didn't like Batman & Robin as much. The Dark Knight series is one of the more sinister movies you have to be in the right mood to watch (like, you expect it from horror movies like Saw, or Game of Thrones whose only predecessors were the equally dark books), and is more realistic which is atypical of a superhero movie. The Tim Burton series are more like the universally popular Marvel Cinematic Universe than the Dark Knight trilogy are. And the only reason people even dislike or forget the Tim Burton series is because of Batman & Robin.

Also the fact that the Tim Burton series (and yes I know Forever wasn't directed by Tim Burton but it's part of the same series) has all four classic Batman villains - Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, and Riddler - while the Dark Knight trilogy only has two (Joker and Catwoman). And no disrespect to Heath Ledger, but I liked Jack Nicholson's Joker better, he captured the Joker image I expected and retains the classic Joker origin of falling into a vat of acid. Also, unlike the Dark Knight trilogy, the Tim Burton series has Robin.

It does have some kind of irony that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is also not what one would expect of something called My Little Pony, but that's different, as it is designed to appeal to a much wider audience range than the previous two series and line of toys, whereas I just couldn't enjoy the Dark Knight trilogy. Actually, I can imagine MrGeorgeWood, who disliked Slice of Life for it being aimed directly at the fandom, can sympathize with me here.