Recently I did a blog about the things that annoyed me about MLP. This blog is the exact opposite.

Warning: Two of them directly relate to two of my favorite elements, so read at your own risk, and try not to get too annoyed.

Honorable mention goes to: Pinkie Pie, Rarity, voices of Scott McNeil, A Canterlot Wedding Part 2, MMMystery on the Friendship Express, Berry Punch, a great deal of the songs (though my top two favorite are a huge part of ACW and Number 7), and the Windigos burning to death

10: Rescue at Midnight Castle

This is the two-part pilot episode of G1, but without it, Friendship is Magic would never exist, because it was the direct inspiration for the pilot episodes of FiM. It is much like an old Disney movie rather than what most people would have expected from a show based on that particular line of toys. This is how My Little Pony began - with a dark and menacing villain who gets killed in the end. Most TV cartoons in the 1980s didn't do that, and if more people remembered this episode, it would be easier for them to believe that G4 could be as good as it is.

Besides, the above mentioned villain, Tirek, would later get a G4 counterpart which will be addressed higher up the list...

9: Discord

He's fun to have around, even more so than Pinkie Pie (no offense to her). If I could choose one villain to reform, it'd be him.

8: Anything the writers throw in specifically for the fans

I know plenty of you disagree with me here but this shows that the writers know we're there and are not just trying to please the kids that Hasbro initially intended it only for. Besides, this started as forms of appeal to the older viewers which is what created the fandom in the first place. Especially the pop culture references

7: The Dazzlings' defeat

The Dazzlings seemed unstoppable and came closest to winning, slightly more so than Tirek or even Sombra. If it wasn't for Sunset Shimmer and Vinyl Scratch, they would have won. Sunset, who was previously the most detestable villain and who drove the Humane 5 apart in the first film, is the one breaks up their argument and gets them back together, and when she finally enters the song, the Dazzlings are finally defeated and de-powered.

Also the epic battle involved, and the fact that Welcome to the Show is my favorite song of the series, de-throning This Day Aria.

6: Twilight vs. Tirek

Now I'm sure no one's gonna argue that this wasn't the most epic battle of the show. It was Dragonball Z quality, with energy waves magic beams, Twilight getting slammed through a mountain, Tirek getting smashed to the ground, and mushroom clouds.

5: Gustave le Grand

Well, his main competition is a much better griffon now as of The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, but I still think he's awesome.

On a side note, he is voiced by Mark Oliver, who also voiced Frieza's henchman Blueberry in the Dragonball Z episode "Scramble for the Dragonballs", to which his partner, Raspberry was voiced by Scott McNeil. (I wonder if Mark is related to Nicole?)

4: Biting Tails

Dragonball Z was once my favorite show (and is still somewhere on my list of favorite shows) and it gave me a sort of interest in tails due to its subtheme (which diminished halfway through just like in MLP), and I always found it an entertaining subtheme whenever the ponies bite each others' tails, especially Applejack biting Rainbow Dash's tail. Each of the Mane 6 has bitten the tail of at least one of the Mane 6's tails and had her tail bitten by at least one of the Mane 6, although we haven't gotten any of that in Season 5 Half 1.

3: King Sombra's death

Just like Number 8, plenty of you probably disagree with me here, some even going to the extreme of trying to ruin it for me by trying to convince me that he survived despite Meghan McCarthy's word on the matter, but King Sombra is the darkest and most menacing villain on the show, and he's one of the three that came closest to winning (other two being the Dazzlings and Tirek), so there was quite some satisfaction in seeing him blow up. Also the death scene itself was spectacular, and I always felt they needed to kill off at least one villain (Chrysalis's was too subtle and no one really believed it even before the comics) in order to show that this isn't too much of a "kid show" to be able to kill its villains like G1 did twice and many Disney movies did before starting their new "trend". Sure, they're afraid to now, but only because fans complained about and/or denied the deaths of Chrysalis and Sombra.'

(Can't you be satisfied that Tirek and the Dazzlings are still alive and kicking? Also just coz he's dead doesn't mean he can't return - he was intended to appear in Octavia's dream in Slice of Life but was cut due to time constraints, and I'm sure he'll appear alongside Chrysalis in an altered timeline in the Season 5 finale)

2: Princess Luna

This one I think virtually everyone will agree with me. Luna is fan favorite Princess. She's like the Daryl, Tyrion, Castiel, Mr. Gold, Hiro Nakamura, etc.

And the number one thing I like most about My Little Pony...

1: Rainbow Dash

(puts on hard hat and flameproof shield made with scales of cannibalistic dragon)