Here's the top 5 ongoing shows that should just end:

Edit: Dishonorable mention goes to:

  • Family Guy, which is in its 14th season (anything past eight seasons is too much) and seems to have lost its touch
  • Fairly Oddparents, which I haven't seen much of but others have mentioned it below

5: Spongebob Squarepants

The reason for this was given by Crimson "Valent" Azure

This goes without saying. Spongebob needs to die. The new movie wasn't funny, and the only reason this show stays afloat (no pun intended) is because it's being marketed to toddlers now for some reason, The characters are only one note, there's no real humour to be found, and when there is a good episode, it's overshadowed by the bad ones. (Who is Kenny the Cat and why does he exist? WHY?!)

My word on this: It must say something about how stale it's gotten from how long it's going on because every show that suffers through this is said to be "Spongebobbed"

4: The Simpsons

The Simpsons is in its 27th season, with over 500 episodes. Only gameshows ever have that many seasons/episodes. Too many means it's hard to keep track of, to watch them all or remember a specific moment from a specific episode, give it DVD release, etc. Unlike Family Guy I never really watched the Simpsons much, but it seems to have diminished as well based on Stewie's line in a Family Guy episode:

The guy who watched The Simpsons back in 1994 and won't admit the damn thing isn't funny anymore.

3: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Now many of you will probably think I'm mad for putting this on the list, but here's why: I want MLP to end on a good note. Look what happened to the Tim Burton Batman series when its fourth film was poorly received, thus cancelling the series. As a result, people forgot about the three awesome movies that came before it. If a particular season is lame and disliked, it could ruin the show's reputation and make people forget the really good seasons that came before.

Now don't get me wrong, the show hasn't reached this point yet (except in terms of two-parters). I thought it had after the premiers of Seasons 4 and 5, but I was wrong when later episodes made Seasons 4 and 5 my favorite seasons. As for Season 6, four episodes is too early to judge, and of course the ending of Season 5 just screams "Give us a Season 6 so we can see what Starlight is like both reformed and as a Mane 6. Like Sunset, she's a lot more likeable once she's reformed and she will certainly make the season more interesting (though I understand some don't share these sentiments). Of course, she isn't in every episode, and On Your Marks was the best episode of the season, plus the upcoming Spike episode and the Christmas episode will probably be good, as well as concluding the Rainbow Dash/Wonderbolts arc (though others have attributed this to them running out of ideas, so some at least might be able to understand my reasoning here). Although Season 6, while not a bad season, is currently my least favorite, and some of my favorite elements of the show are diminishing, likely because most of the original writers have left

But if it continues into a Season 7, they might reach the point where they run out of ideas and are forced to recycle some of their old ones in a repetitive way, or else just write boring, overly cliched episodes. This will lead to one of two things: Either it gets the show cancelled, ending on a bad note that makes people forget how good its previous seasons were, or else keeps going on as a Franchise Zombie, which would produce the same effect. Nopony but me seems to rewatch episodes anyway, seeing as how people left the fandom when Twilight became an alicorn instead of focusing on the 64 episodes where she's a unicorn or FanonDiscontinuitying Season 3.

Besides, if the show ends, then that will end all speculation of a Chrysalis return and such, and we can think whatever we want of her, unless Meghan either says "She's not coming back, decide for yourselves what her fate is" or says up front "she's dead" or "she's living in exile" (she's the only one who really has that power unless another writer brings her back). Speaking of Chrysalis, if they get really desperate for ideas they could bring her back and handle her in a way that would disappoint the fans, including taking a page from many Chrysalis fanfics and reforming her, which I'm sure most people don't want to see happen in canon. (though they did a perfect job of showing her again in The Cutie Remark, but again, they haven't reached that point yet)

On the flipside, every new episode I look forward to to tell new stories about the ponies, especially if they're about Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, or Rarity, or else have Discord in them (though it seems unlikely we'll see him again after the reception to his last episode). On the other hoof, they still have yet to do a Celestia episode or a body-switching episode.

2: Supernatural

(contains spoilers for those who haven't seen Season 11)

Supernatural still seems to be doing well for a show that has 11 seasons, except for the fact that all the fan-favorites except Castiel and Crowley are dead (and Castiel is possessed by Lucifer so he's as good as dead because Lucifer is unlikely to leave him and find a new vessel, and if he dies, so does Cass). So Crowley is essentially the only one left, but are we really going to have a 12th season with all the others absent? They've said the show will go on and on

How long are the writers going to torture Sam and Dean for? Haven't they had enough? Can't they either fight their final battle and go back to hunting Wendigos, or else just die (even though they'll be going to The Void instead of Heaven)?

And furthermore, Season 11 is taking forever to come out with new episodes because each episode has at least three weeks' hiatus between episodes now. This is even worse than Star vs. the Forces of Evil, though not Gravity Falls or Season 5 of MLP.

1: Pokemon

This decision is a no-brainer. Pokemon has been going on and on. It has less seasons than The Simpsons but almost twice as many episodes. It's extremely close to its 900 episode marker!

Sure, they keep coming out with new Pokemon and give Ash a new female companion each time, but it's got the same old villains around. True that Jessie, James, and Meowth are the comic relief villains, but they should have just killed Giovanni in Season 5 (Ho-oh shooting down his airship a la Hunter J would have been perfect) and had them work for a new villain each generation.

First two seasons were awesome, third was all right but I lost interest after, to the point that I didn't see the three impressive arcs of Diamond and Pearl that coincided into a spectacular finale (The Lake Trio, recurring villain Hunter J, and season villains Team Galactic) the way they were meant to be seen. We're supposed to wonder about the mystery sightings of each of the Lake Trio, see what a dark and threatening villain J is and be disappointed that she always gets off, then experience the thrill of seeing the Lake Trio kill J for the first time, then the grand finale of Team Galactic. Instead, the first I heard of it was the finale, prompting me to get the DVD that had those episodes and research Diamond and Pearl further.

900 episodes is way too much. Even Dragonball Z stopped at 276, and the show isn't nearly as fun as it used to be. (I heard it lost many fans at the point in which Misty left, at the end of Season 5/Generation 1) Good luck mare-a-thoning Pokemon, newcomers! You'll never finish, not even in Heaven after Judgment Day (which will undoubtedly be the day the show ends)

Edit: One thing I forgot to mention, the show's been on for about 17 years so Ash should be 27, but he never ages, and have they ever even said how one can become a Pokemon Master?