This is live from Treehouse TV: Today, the (censored) bracket of the Villains Tournament will begin!

Live not from Treehouse TV: Today, the losers bracket of the Villains Tournament will begin!

Eliminated from the first round were Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, and the Dazzlings.

First, we have two pony villains of darkness, though in the comics one was a spirit of darkness originating from the moon, and the other was an Umbrum disguised as a pony to release the others. In the show, one died and the other reformed. In the comics, it was the other way around. Nightmare Moon, the maleficent alter-ego of Princess Luna, and King Sombra, the dark and sadistic unicorn king who enslaved and cursed the Crystal Empire.

Nightmare Moon vs. Sombra

Nightmare Moon - 5

Sombra - 9

Winner: King Sombra

Second, we have two villains from the Equestria Girls series: Sunset Shimmer, the detestable power-hungry villain turned one of the most likeable characters of the films, and the Dazzlings, known for the best villain songs and second most epic battle.

Sunset vs. the Dazzlings

Sunset Shimmer - 2

The Dazzlings - 12

Winner: The Dazzlings