So as it seems anyone can do a simple tournament like Creeperfan's Episode Tournament, I thought I'd do a Villains Tournament. I got the idea from one blog on Disney Wiki, though they didn't use the poll system

Principal Cinch was disqualified for trying to use magic to win the tournament.

First we have the first two villains of the show, both of whom were defeated and imprisoned a thousand years ago by Celestia, returned, and were defeated with the Elements of Harmony, and eventually reformed. Nightmare Moon, the maleficent alter-ego of the second best princess, Princess Luna, and Discord, the Spirit of Disharmony who is fun to have around and is now a good friend of Fluttershy.

Round 1: Nightmare Moon vs. Discord

Nightmare Moon - 12

Discord - 13

Winner: Discord

Second, we have two Knights of Cerebus who are more dark and menacing than the first two, make two-parters more epic (first two-parters written by Meghan McCarthy I might add), are defeated by Princess Cadance, and often the object of status debates. Queen Chrysalis, the changeling queen whose appearance was quite unexpected, and King Sombra, the supposedly lame villain who, for what he lacks in screentime and lines, makes up for it with power, intelligence, and overall being the most evil villain in the show.

Round 1: Chrysalis vs. Sombra

Queen Chrysalis - 20

King Sombra - 4

Winner: Queen Chrysalis

Third, we have two unicorns with a similar naming scheme to Twilight Sparkle who aren't quite as evil as the others, and eventually found redemption: Sunset Shimmer, once a detestable villain but now a fan-favorite character, and Starlight Glimmer, once a communist but now Twilight's pupil, though apparently not one of the Mane 6.

Round 1: Sunset vs. Starlight

Sunset Shimmer - 5

Starlight Glimmer - 20

Winner: Starlight Glimmer

And last, we have two villains who came almost as close to winning as King Sombra did, had the most epic battles of the series, were defeated by some new rainbowfied technique other than Elements of Harmony with help from a reformed villain, and whose fate outwardly seems simple but can be looked at another way if you so wish: Lord Tirek, the power-hungry centaur rebooted from G1's first ever villain who fights Twilight Dragonball Z style and ends up back in Tartarus for eternity, and the Dazzlings, the three sirens who create and feed off hate and lose all their power after a song battle.

Round 1: Tirek vs. the Dazzlings

Lord Tirek - 17

The Dazzlings - 8

Winner: Lord Tirek

Voting has now ended