The second round of my villain tournament. This is the semifinals

Last round, Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, and the Dazzlings were eliminated, and they'll get their Losers Bracket.

First, we get the two fan-favorite villains before some of the later ones came along, the two villains of Season 2: Discord, Spirit of Disharmony who barely won the last round, and Chrysalis, queen of the changelings. One is fun to have around, the other is dark, sinister, and menacing.

Discord vs. Chrysalis

Discord: 8

Queen Chrysalis: 10

Winner: Chrysalis

Second, we have the extremely powerful villains of two-part finales: Lord Tirek, the G1 villain reboot with the most epic battle, and Starlight Glimmer, who brought about a quick reappearance by him as well as major reappearances by Sombra, Chrysalis, and Nightmare Moon.

Tirek vs. Starlight

Lord Tirek: 16

Starlight Glimmer: 2

Winner: Tirek