It's time for the final round of the Villains Tournament.

In the final round we have two Knights of Cerebus featured in a two-part finale.

First is Queen Chrysalis. Believed by few to be dead, believed and wished by many to be alive, speculated to return at the end of Season 6, third most evil villain of the show and, in the comics, the most irredeemably evil villain of ever, kitten murderer and genocidal maniac, though many have also depcited her as sympathetic in fanfics. However way you choose to look at her, the changeling queen was quite unexpected and began the trend of darker villains and epic battles.

Second is Lord Tirek. In what is considered to be the best episode of the series, this reboot of the first ever G1 villain (who was one of the few characters to die in a TV cartoon in the 1980s, thus making My Little Pony the most hardcore TV cartoon of its time) is the second most evil villain of the series. Escaped from Tartarus (hell) in Season 2, seen shadowed in early Season 4, manipulates Discord into turning back to evil before betraying him, and the most epic battle of the series, Dragonball Z quality, before he, like Frieza, is blasted back to hell.

Queen Chrysalis vs. Lord Tirek

Chrysalis - 7

Tirek - 12

Winner of the tournament - Tirek

Tirek 1 ID S4E26