Here's the second and final round of the losers bracket

First, we have King Sombra, the unicorn king who enslaved the Crystal Empire. He doesn't have much screentime or lines, and is considered to be lame, yet the single most evil villain in the show.

Second we have the Dazzlings, the trio of sirens who have plenty of lines, many of them songs, and are there more often. They also seem less evil than Chrysalis, Sombra, and Tirek.

Both un-reformed villains (in the show only), and who get a "shattered to pieces" type defeat (though only astral projections in the case of the Dazzlings), and quite an epic battle. They also came the closest to winning, with their only competition coming from Tirek and maybe Starlight.

Will Sombra gain recognition for the villain he is or will the Dazzlings make their comeback and be adored?

King Sombra vs. the Dazzlings

Sombra - 8

The Dazzlings - 5

Winner of the Losers Bracket - King Sombra

This is rather unexpected - One of the least popular villains beat the former fan-favorite