King Sombra doesn't have a lot of screentime, but that highlights his resemblance to Sauron. He's dead, which means G4 isn't above disposing of antagonists the way G1 did, and is now as hardcore if not more since Tirek's wasn't as graphic. Discord and Trixie turn good, which means we can look forward to seeing more of them. Twilight Sparkle is an alicorn, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her since we didn't get much of it at the end of Magical Mystery Cure (kinda like Thanos in The Avengers), plus it should be generating Twilight Princess jokes. I don't know what Equestria Girls will be like but I'll wait and see how people review it once they've seen it.

Basically, I'm not raging about subjects that most people did. What I do rage about is the excessively long wait for Season 4. They said it'll be even better than Season 2, and they had better be right! I'm not usually too demanding when it comes to MLP episodes, but here's what I expect in Season 4.

More Luna and Discord

We all love to see appearances by Luna, and as mentioned above can look forward to seeing Discord. He won't use his power for evil anymore but maybe he could do some harmless pranks, maybe pair up with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie for it.

No Chrysalis

As much as we all love Chrysalis, I think it be a better decision to leave her off with her fall at A Canterlot Wedding. That way, we can think whatever the hay we want to about her final fate. Fell to her doom? Banished forever? Comics are canon? Our choice! Me, I'll say she goes out in Disney Villain fashion to match the quality of the episode. Besides, they'd probably reform her if she returned, or "ruin the character" for some, and after the rage about Discord they'll want to avoid that.

And I think they intended her to be dead with a 1% chance of return, but people only said she survived because they wanted her to, and comics brought her back because they wanted to see her return and doing that is an easy way to get people into the comics as well as pleasing the fans. (more details on my blog The Fall of Queen Chrysalis)

If they feel they have to bring her back, there's only one way I want that episode to end. Because she's so evil and what she does to Twilight, I would not be satisfied if she does not end up like Sombra.

More Rarity

Applejack said "Good things are better when they're a rarity", but they're taking that a bit too far. Rarity really hasn't been getting a lot of affection from the writers in Season 3 (or the comics for that matter). Unlike the rest of the Mane 6, Spike, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she hasn't gotten a Season 3 episode of her very own and I feel really bad for her.

Her last episode revolving around her was Episode 35, Sweet and Elite (while we're on 65), and her last real shining moment (that isn't shared with the other five) was in the following episode when she returned Spike to his original form. Her biggest moments in Season 3 were opening a song for the first time (The Success Song) and being the first to use the word "alicorn" in reference to the kind of pony instead of the amulet.

I'll have to take a count someday but I think she has less screentime in Season 3 than King Sombra!

I know they said there'd be a Rarity episode, and we'll hope it's as good as the others and not one to be poorly received like The Mysterious Mare Do Well was for Rainbow Dash. And I hope they don't change their mind, JK Rowling said the last word of the Deathly Hallows book would be "scar" and it wasn't. I hope for more than one Rarity episode, even if she has to share one of them with another like in Green Isn't Your Color or Sisterhooves Social. Give us more Rarity!

Nightmare Sequence

It would be neat to open an episode with a nightmare sequence of Nightmare Moon, Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra (or maybe all but Discord seeing he's good now). And nothing special like an evil force caused it, but a regular nightmare, it'll be a good way of bringing Chrysalis and Sombra back without retconning Sombra's death or going against my (and some others) Chrysalis expectations. (OR it could be an evil force which has nothing to do with the other villains)

Twilight Princess

I'd like to see the term "Twilight Princess" used at least once so people can rage about it less and make more jokes about the Zelda game.

The Villain

Saving this for last because it's what I'll REALLY be demanding about. I like the "slice of life" episodes as they're called, they're still fun to watch, but some of my favorites are the two-part villain episodes.

Nightmare Moon - Generic "eternal night" villain, with a bit of a Maleficent. Darkest she gets is possessing Luna, which isn't touched upon in the episode as it gives more of a "corrupted Luna" impression. Is effectively killed by the Mane 6 with the EoH, restoring Luna, but returns if you view comics as canon.

Discord - More mischievous than threatening, and fun to have around, but is darker than Nightmare Moon the way he corrupts the Mane 6, as well as his backstory. In the end he turns good so we can look forward to seeing more of him. Tied for title of Best Villain.

Queen Chrysalis - Our first Knight of Cerebus, darker and more intimidating than the previous two. Gets her own song. Disney quality. Is also a "green fire/magic" type of enemy. Presumably falls to her death unless you view comics as canon, in which case she gets even darker and survives with her horn broken. Tied with Discord for best villain.

King Sombra - Even darker than Chrysalis. He doesn't screw around, and he'll kill his enemy at the first opportunity while enslaving an empire and using fear on them. He is officially destroyed by Princess Cadance and the Crystal Ponies with the Crystal Heart. The downside? People think he's lame because he hardly has any screentime or dialog.

Sunset Shimmer - Least darkest villain, she's kinda like Diamond Tiara, Gilda, and Trixie put together, except with power-hungry ambitions to become an alicorn and take over Equestria. Her demon form is another story, I kinda count her as a semi-separate entity formed from the purest form of her cruelty drawn out by the crown, and some say she's the darkest for actually trying to kill Twilight. I still think Nightmare Moon tried to kill Twilight, Chrysalis tried to kill Twilight and Cadance and get the former to kill the latter, and Sombra tried to kill Spike, but those are all debatable, while Sunset Shimmer isn't. Still, she was only a demon for about five minutes, and the true Sunset Shimmer, really, was the main villain, and she turns good, and apparently is less evil than Discord since the Elements restored her instead of turning her to stone.

So, what I'm hoping for is a villain every bit as dark as Chrysalis and Sombra, with as much screentime and dialog as Chrysalis (maybe a song but I won't be too picky there) and destroyed as spectacularly (and unambiguously) as Sombra.

Since Season 4 is looking to be the last season, and they seem unable to come up with new villains (premier will feature a flashback to Nightmare Moon's rise to power), that or else they can't come up with a plot that doesn't involve Discord destroying the villain five minutes in, the only option left for a major villain would be the BigBad that has been hinted to be behind Nightmare Moon and Discord, as no other villain could be a challenge to Discord. Maybe the flashback leads into him, it just occured to me. Or maybe it'll be saved for the finale.


They've said Season 4 will be good, better than Season 2 which Lauren Faust was involved in. People complain that Season 3 didn't follow her style as much, especially with Discord turning good. I've said that was probably because, without her to help them they had no way of knowing what she'd have done differently and are relying on what they think we want, which has ironically only disappointed most people and convinced them that they don't care about us. Which started with the whole Derpy scandal. And although she doesn't work on the show anymore, maybe they could still ask her for a few tips on how to follow her style and what to avoid.

Meghan McCarthy has said some pretty positive things about Season 4 though so I'm not expecting a big disappointment. (And I hope she wrote the two-parter to start Season 4, if A Canterlot Wedding and The Crystal Emprire are any indication...)