I hope no one's offended by this blog. Taking a bit of a break from Inuyasha (just finished the demon ninja arc of Season 6).

I know I'm looking forward to Guardians of the Galaxy 2, but there are ten things in particular I'm waiting for regarding conclusions to either the full story or a particular arc, and once they're concluded, for better or worse, I can die in peace (though hopefully not for years).

I can expect The Walking Dead from some of you, but I stopped after Season 4, haven't seen any of Negan's episodes though I heard he's worse than the Governor. Also, not Pokemon coz it'll never end until the human race goes extinct.

From least anxious/fussy about to most:

10: Justice League

At the end of Batman vs. Superman, Lex Luthor is arrested, but mentions his alien boss is on his way to Earth. This alien, Steppenwolf, is the main villain, like the DC version of Thanos. How will they defeat him? Lex is set to return too, likely to escape from prison. What will the thrilling conclusion to the series be? Or will it continue after Steppenwolf's defeat?

9: Star Wars Episode IX

Despite the one I have to wait the longest for, I'm surprisingly patient with this one. Is Rey the sister of Kylo Ren? What role is Luke meant to play? How will they defeat the villains? Will Kylo Ren reform like Darth Vader? What of Snoke, who is basically the next Palpatine? General Hux, who should have shared Tarkin's fate from Episode IV? Captain Phasma, who is confirmed to return? (And tragically, what will they do with Leia in this film?) Don't have my hopes too high, but we'll see, and if I don't like it, I can ignore the sequel trilogy.

8: Thor Ragnarok

The next chapter in the story of Thor and Loki. Will Loki get reimprisoned, or actually find redemption? Where is Odin? Will the villain successfully bring about Ragnarok? (We know they're willing to do villain victory in Civil War even if the villain gets imprisoned) So many mysteries to be solved in the 17th film of the MCU, though 17 has been an unlucky number for me this year, which is lame coz that's my favorite number

7: Supernatural Season 12's finale

Season 12 has been my least favorite season. Where will they go with the British Men of Letters? With Mary? What are the cosmic consequences for what Castiel did when the season resumed? Will Lucifer escape his cage again? What about his nephilim? Note: There's rumors it'll go up to Season 20, so even if Season 12 ends in cliffhanger like they always do, I might stop there, coz the show will soon be Spongebobbed.

6: Deadpool 2

This will conclude the original X-Men series before it gets rebooted with Gambit. We'll see the apocalyptic future in Logan, but Cable goes back in time to try to prevent it alongside Deadpool. Will they prevent another apocalyptic future? I'd be mad if they didn't, they worked hard to avoid the Sentinel future from Mystique killing Trask, and to stop Apocalypse from destroying the world, so I don't want all that to be for nothing. Let's hope it's a thrilling conclusion, and as fun as the first Deadpool.

5: Sonic Mania

It seems this game will conclude the main Sonic series before it gets rebooted with Project 2017 (Sonic Boom is also another reboot set in the TV series' continuity). I'm a little curious as to what they'll do with Eggman. Obviously he can't win, because of Silver's future and Eggman Nega's name being disgraced by his failures. This would be lower on the list, as it just sounds like a generic Sonic game, except that I decided Sonic is my favorite series of all.

4: My Little Pony: The Movie

You knew this was going to be on here! How will they defeat the Storm King? Will it be as fun as the good episodes of the show? Where's Starlight Glimmer? This movie has a LOT of potential, finally a movie about the ponies rather than the Equestria Girls and with a villain that could be on the same scale as Chrysalis, Sombra, and Tirek, and Meghan McCarthy might be involved in it (she wrote the aforementioned villains' episodes, and I heard she left the show to work on this), and let's hope she and other good writers of the show make it better than the Jem movie.

3: Game of Thrones Season 7

The seven-episode conclusion to the most mature show I have seen, which ascended to one of my favorite shows as of Season 6. Most of the villains are gone already so that basically leaves Cersei and the Night King. With the Boltons dead, Jon will lead the north against the White Walkers, while Daenerys is finally crossing the Narrow Sea to take the Iron Throne, with Cersei as her current rival. How will these battles turn out? One thing is clear - winter has come!

2: Avengers: Infinity War

It sounds like the Avengers are somehow getting back together, and teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy. How does either event come to be? Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones for the Infinity Gauntlet. How do they defeat him or will they? Will Magus overshadow him for Part 4, or will he win to pave the way for new Avengers? Even if the other Avengers defeat him, it is rumored that Captain America will die like in the comics. Will he? Also, will there be comedy since the Guardians are in it?

1: Chrysalis's return episode in MLP

I don't think I need to say more.

So, what are you waiting for? What arcs can you not wait to see get their conclusion, or where they go next? What are you anxious about whether it will satisfy you or not?