I know there are two episodes still, but they're not likely to make a difference on the season as a whole. Well, based on what we know about Top Bolt it sounds average, though Where the Apple Lies could have an impact as an Applejack backstory episode, but then, that episode's coming up, and most of you will have probably seen that episode before this blog since it's earlier here than it is in the US.

And if you want to wait until you've seen all the episodes, bookmark this blog and return to it in two weeks once you've seen Top Bolt.

Anyway, so, to anyone who's seen the finale, what did you think about Season 6? Is it as good as the other seasons, average, or not as good?

What did you think of Season 6?

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My thoughts:

Least favorite season, though as with the Mane 6 and princesses, I didn't dislike it, it was about average. The others are above:

  • Season 1 - Classic moments from when the series was new to me, also full of one of my favorite elements
  • Season 2 - Many good episodes
  • Season 3 - Awesome premier and finale, also some good episodes by ratio
  • Season 4 - Most good episodes, including my favorite
  • Season 5 - Some of the most sensational episodes of the series

IMO it had the weakest premier (basically The Crystal Empire replacing Sombra with a snowstorm), with the true highlight being Starlight and Sunburst, which saved it from getting lower on my list. The first three were good, Princess Twilight Sparkle had flashbacks to the first battles with Nightmare Moon and Discord, and The Cutie Map had an excellent moral.

Also, not as many Fluttershy episodes as I'd have hoped. (Each season seemed to focus on one pony more than the other. Season 1 was Twilight, Season 2 was Rainbow Dash, Season 3 was Applejack, Season 4 was Pinkie Pie, and Season 5 was Rarity)

The season did do two things I'd been dreading that might've led to my FanonDiscontinuity a few years ago. a.) In 28 Pranks Later, the whoopee cushion prank effectively canonized something I didn't want to be canon in MLP (not to mention Rainbow Dash's other pranks, especially the Fluttershy one, nearly led me to dislike her), and b.) Chrysalis is confirmed to survive, and runs off. But, times have changed (no pun intended) and I can accept both, don't want to be like those who left coz Twilight became an alicorn, besides, Chrysalis is sure to return.

That being said, the good in TWABA outweighs the bad, and I only had three complaints about it (other two being being Discord's apparent lack of interest in rescuing any ponies besides Fluttershy, and Ember not being in it). There were a few surprises that episode, most of all Chrysalis biting Starlight's tail (I have a feeling they intended that for me to make up for Chrysalis's hopefully-temporary escape), as well as the presence of Discord and the changelings' transformations.

Here are the Season 6 episodes I'd put to the top of the list:

  1. Gauntlet of Fire
  2. A Hearth's Warming Tail
  3. The Saddle Row Review
  4. Spice Up Your Life
  5. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
  6. Maybe Dungeons and Discords
  7. Buckball Season
  8. To Where and Back Again

Though not at the very top of my Season 6 episode list, I'd have to say I was particularly impressed by Buckball Season, for reasons I've said on its article, and I hope its writer does more Season 7 episodes (besides, I hear some of the other good writers, such as Meghan McCarthy, have left).

Least favorite episode, of course, is Applejack's Day Off. Why couldn't there be a Celestia episode instead?

Well, for everything Season 6 missed, let's hope Season 7 satisfies. Looking forward to Season 7

What are your thoughts and favorite episodes?