There've been plenty of polls about Mane 6, princesses, or background ponies

But for those who have seen G1, who's your favorite G1 pony?

I'd say it's a tie between Firefly and Surprise, just like my favorite G4 pony is a tie between Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. (What is it with me and pegasi?)

Of course, keeping up with my usual luck, Firefly only appeared in the Tirek episodes and then vanished into oblivion along with all other ponies from that episode, showing those of us who are old enough to notice that Tirek and Lavan aren't the only characters to die in G1, not even counting the ambiguous cases such as Hydia, Squirk, or Beezen. (Not Somnambula though, we first see her old as she begins to steal youth, so she'd revert to the same age she was at the start of the episode and is therefore alive yet powerless)

As for Surprise, she got less screentime than King Sombra (maybe slightly more if you count The Great Rainbow Caper). The Great Rainbow Caper and Baby It's Cold Outside are the only episodes I can remember where she plays a critical role, maybe The End of Flutter Valley but I can't remember offhand despite rewatching all of those recently.

Ironically both eventually got G4 counterparts who are Wonderbolts, though as G4 Firefly lived a thousand years ago she'll no longer be around, just like her G1 counterpart (when she was first mentioned I suspected that would be foreshadowing for Tirek, and what do you know?).

Anyway, who are your favorite G1 ponies?

And while you're at it, who's your favorite G1 villain? I know many like Grogar or Arabus, but for me, it's Tirek by a landslide. He was the darkest and most malevolent villain, to the point that they killed him, and his episode was how My Little Pony began as a TV series.