In case you didn't know, Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is coming out early this year, probably late February or early March.

In addition to the characters from the previous games, they've added 10 new characters from each side.

For Mario:

  1. Diddy Kong
  2. Rosalina
  3. Larry Koopa
  4. Wendy O. Koopa
  5. Roy Koopa
  6. Ludwig von Koopa
  7. Dry Bowser
  8. Birdo
  9. Nabbit
  10. Dry Bones

For Sonic:

  1. Rouge the Bat
  2. Jet the Hawk
  3. Wave the Swallow
  4. Espio the Chameleon
  5. Eggman Nega
  6. E-123 Omega
  7. Cream the Rabbit
  8. Zavok
  9. Zazz
  10. Sticks the Badger (whoever the hay that is)

Looking forward to using Wave and Espio for they're playable in very few games, and this is the first game in history where Eggman Nega is playable. They've even got two of the Deadly Six who have only appeared in one mainstream game before they died. I'd have preferred if they used Iggy as one of the Koopalings to replace either Wendy (my least favorite) or Dry Bones (who is a common enemy and a much disliked one so why he is playable so much?). Also would have preferred if they used Zor instead of Sticks, because I don't even know who this badger is (and I researched every mainstream Sonic game to the point of writing transcripts for them all).

I have, however, heard something that suggests that this Olympic game where Rosalina, Wave, Espio, Eggman Nega, four of the Koopalings, and two of the Deadly Six are playable might be too good to be true. I've heard that some characters are only playable in one select event and cannot be used in other events. If this is the case I am NOT getting it. Though I've also heard that this might only apply to the 3DS version and that the Wii U version gives you the freedom to choose any of these 40 characters for any event, and I hope it's true.

I also hope the events are easily winnable and enjoyable just like the London 2012 Olympic Games (contrast the first Mario & Sonic where I couldn't win any event except 100M Freestyle and its relay). And I hope there's plenty of good Dream Events too, especially one like Dream Fencing.

So, what are your thoughts on this?