Now I remember somepony saying Celestia and Luna wouldn't appear in Season 4 but I thought it was an April Fools joke, especially since they're in the two-part premier Princess Twilight Sparkle. But we haven't seen them since then.

On the "episodes" and "Luna" page I'll combine my comments into one and make it longer, hence the blog:

Luna's appearance is literally like the Dronkeys in Shrek.


Season 1 - 2 episodes. And she's Nightmare Moon for most of them, which according to Lauren Faust was Nightmare Moon manifested from her jealousy to possess her so the true Luna we don't see until the end of the episode.

Season 2 - 3 episodes. One revolving around her, the other two with cameo appearances.

Season 3 - 4 episodes, including an unexpected appearance in Sleepless in Ponyville. Notice a pattern? More episodes each season?

Season 4 - So far, 2 episodes. Break the pattern!


For those of you who haven't seen Shrek, the dronkeys are the adorable and cool children of Donkey and Dragon. As their names imply, they are part donkey and part dragon.

Shrek - Don't even exist

Shrek 2 - Are introduced in a postcredits scene.

Shrek the Third - Have a few scenes, but not a lot of screentime

Shrek Forever After - Roughly the same amount of screentime, if not less. They got more screentime each one up until now. Breaking the pattern, most of the film is set in an alternate reality where they don't exist as Donkey never married Dragon.

Best Season, and Rarity episodes

They said this was going to be the best season. Now I like all the episodes of Season 4 so far, but how can it be the best season if the fan-favorite alicorn hardly has any appearances?

Was this the price for Rarity episodes? So the creators finally decided to give Rarity some love she deserves and give her two episodes (so far), which is good, but does Rarity come at the price of Luna? It has to be one or the other? Why can't it be both? Is it really that hard?

Come to think of it, there's been less villain death this season than in Season 3. Season 3 killed King Sombra, the Pinkie Pie clones, and the King Timberwolf, but all we got in Season 4 was the Plunderseed Vines, and they spared Ahuizotl (though this leaves open possibilities for new Daring Do stories), the Mane-iac (though it was a nice twist to use her own mane against her), and the graboid (whose purpose at the end was to actually make Discord sick, but why couldn't Twilight and Cadance blast him into oblivion afterwards like Twilight did to that facehugger?)

And as far as villain/jerk redemption goes, I would really like to see Lightning Dust return and change her ways like Trixie did, but they went out of their way to avoid that in her episode so she's about as likely to redeem herself as the Cutie Mark Crusaders are to get their Cutie Marks.

Also there's been less biting tails this season too. There were like 26 in Season 1, 17 in Season 2, 4 in Season 3, and so far, 3 in Season 4. I know the writers probably don't think much of it but Power Ponies shows that they do when it's Applejack biting Rainbow Dash's tail, and she's only done it once each in Seasons 2, 3, and 4, the other five times were literally the first half of Season 1.

I know this isn't as big a deal, and neither is the villain death since I got what I wanted with Chrysalis and Sombra (I stand by Chrysalis and I think they'll only bring her back if they get desperate to please the fans, and if Season 5 gets lame and stale enough to make them that desperate, it might be a season I'd be willing to FanonDiscontinuity), but Luna needs more appearances now. I feel like I made a deal with Chet Rippo, if you've played Paper Mario...

Chet Rippo: I'm Chet Rippo. I have influence over Hasbro and I can make them do things in My Little Pony.

Me: Can Rarity have some episodes this season? She hasn't gotten a lot of love from the writers, and the comics don't treat her much better even if they are non-canon to me.

Chet Rippo: I can make it happen. Two Rarity episodes this season, at the least!

Me: What's the catch?

Chet Rippo: No catch! I'm not trying to rip you off, honest! Just give me 20 bucks!

Me: All right. (pays Chet 20 bucks)

Chet Rippo: Done. At least two episodes of Season 4 will revolve around Rarity. Oh, and by the way, there'll be no Luna appearances except in the premier, and since there's more than one Rarity episode, this season will cut down on the villain death and biting tails as well. Not to mention a decrease in the quality of the main villain.

Me: Hey, you never said...

Chet Rippo: The deal's done!

Me: OK, so the villain death and biting tails aren't a big deal, I don't care what they do with their other villains as long as Chrysalis and Sombra are dead and biting tails don't define the entire show for me, but why no Luna?

Chet Rippo: Because, it's what I do! I raise one stat and lower the other! Heh heh heh!

Me: So, it's basically Rarity or Luna. One or the other.

Chet Rippo: That's right.

Me: Can't it be both?

Chet Rippo: No!

Me: Why can't this season be perfect? They said best season!

Chet Rippo: Perfect? No season is perfect! Season 1 had good episodes but not as much Luna. Season 3 had no Rarity episodes.

Me: What about Season 2? It featured the two best villains, episodes were good, and there were Rarity episodes and Luna appearances. Luna in the same episode as Chrysalis, and an episode revolving around Luna!

Chet Rippo: Um...

Me: Season 2 was the perfect season!

Chet Rippo: Yes, so I had to make it imperfect by lying to Hasbro in order to manipulate them into censoring Derpy!

Me: So you did this! Rarity, Luna, blast him into oblivion!

Rarity and Princess Luna: On it!

(Rarity and Luna shoot a magic beam that vaporizes Chet)

OK so this turned into a semi-fanfic but still. Which isn't to say I don't like Season 4. I like all the episodes, more Rarity, more Alicorn Twilight, cool Nightmare Moon flashback, Discord appearances, a Cadance appearance, Cadance and Discord in the same scene (Discord you don't want to get Cadance angry look what she did to Chrysalis and Sombra lol), facehuggers and graboids, good one-shot villain, good songs, and a Tim Burton style song about bats in an episode that references Batman... they remember my favorite Batman series!

But seriously, why can't we have more Luna appearances if this is going to be the best season? Luna is the fan-favorite alicorn, and even if people didn't love her so much, she's the only alicorn peaple hate! (They call Celestia "troll" and Cadance "Mary-Sue", and raged over Twilight becoming an alicorn although that's died down by now so she is probably second favorite alicorn now)

One last note: Part of the reason for this blog is to distract away from Queen Chrysalis since lately I made so many comments either predicting her return or saying why she's dead, and it's starting to annoy a lot of peaple on here.