FANMADE Pinkie Pie looking at the mirror

Pinkie Pie puts on her Necklace of Laughter while looking at the mirror

When I watched episode 2 of season 1, I realized that the Elements of Harmony have been all created by Twilight Sparkle's magic. The first Element of Harmony made was Kindness, followed by Loyalty, Laughter, Honesty, Generosity and finally Magical Friendship which was the last one; 5 necklaces and 1 tiara as I remark. They can also create a powerful rainbow as they activate altogether while the wearers float and sometimes when their eyes are open, they glow the white light as the pupils disappear. Not only they turned Nighmare Moon back to Princess Luna, but the power just happened twice to Discord. In a few points, I saw Fluttershy take off her Necklace of Kindness and Twilight put on her Tiara of Magical Friendship. Will the Elements of Harmony be used again once season 4 is finished?