Hey Everypony! 

So, what does Everypony think of this Saturday's episode? I, for one, loved it. I think that the character development in Diamond Tiara was a little too quick. (Could have easily been a two-parter) I did love the CMC's determination to help Pipaqueak, though. It was nice how first it was just an oppritunity for a cutie mark, but they actually really wanted to help their friend win! And then when they felt bad about Diamond's defeat, they started to try and make friends with her, despite her mean attitude towards them. Also, can we take a moment to enjoy Diamond Tiara's faces? I haven't laughed that hard at a screencap in a while. So, yeah. I'm stalling. :/ I think that the scene where they earn their cutie marks is genius. 

1) They have no idea what's going on.

2) Diamond Tiara points it out and then is really happy for them.

3) Eveypony in Ponyville stops what they are doing and celebrates with them! How awesome was that? (Plus, Derpy in the mailmare suit was awesome)

I give this episode 15/10 because I love the CMC and I literally got all teary eyed at this episode. I can't wait for more CMC episodes.!
Crusaders' cutie marks side-by-side shot S5E18