Twilight Sparkle has vanished

And for once has gone away!

The rest of the Mane Five, summoned by me

My commands shall soon obey.

Every step and saying

That in the past I've used, I know,

And with the Mane Five obeying

Learning that Friendship Lesson won't take long

Bake, bake onward

Sow dresses aplenty

Put all the pictures in order

Tame all the creature that are wayward

And take care of the chillaxing

Come, Mane Five, you are needed

Take charge of all the tasks that I commanded you

Long my orders you have heeded

By my wishes, now I've bound you

A Friendship Lesson, you will help me understand

I can count on all of you

Bake, saw, take care of the animals

And the pictures and the dress, too

Bake, bake onward

Sow dresses aplenty

Put all the pictures in order

And take care of the chillaxing

See her, towards the cake she is racing

For all this baking, I'm not ready

Uncontrollaby, she is sewing

Sewing and knitting fast and steady

Once again they hasten!

This spell has brought me many ills

Seeing this, my mind reels

Stop now, hear me!

More than enough you have done

This Friendship lesson is done!

They are out of control, I can tell

And I've forgotten the counter-spell

Ah, the words to undo the spell

I'm afraid I cannot tell

Now the castle is on fire

And now I'm sure to earn Twilight's ire

And now Dash has created a flood

And a hundreds currents

Pour all over my hooves

No, no longer

Can I please her

I will seize her

This is spiteful

My misgiving grow the stronger

What a sight, her eyes so fightful!

Shouldn't have use magic, should have handled things like normal

Shall the entire castle go under?

Over threshold, over the Portal

Stream of water rush and thunder

For this disaster, I did not ask

Why can't you bend over to my will?

And you five keep being obsessed with your tasks

Please, the five of you, stand still!

Why, Dash, why can't I stop you?

I will seize you

Hold and whack you

Your fluttery wings I'll grab

And rip apart

If that is what it takes to stop you

She returns, more water dragging!

Now I'll more myself upon you!

One way or another, you'll be stopping

Smack! The blow has undone you

What a glood blow, truly!

She is knocked out, I see

Hope now rises freely

And my breathing's free

Woe betide me!

She gets back up in a hurry!

To get more clouds, she scurries

The water is now reaching the towers!

Someobody help me

Help me, help, eternal powers!

The Five, they run, wet and wetter

Hall and steps and hallways are flooding

Twilight Sparkle, hear me crying!

Ah, Twilight comes excited

Twilight, my need is sore

The Mane Fix are under my power

Yet my commands, they ignore

"I understand that you are lonely

But it is no reason to bring our doom

I'll forgive you, Starlight

But next time, think things through

Avoid magical shortcuts, and everything will be alright"

(due credit to Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe for the inspiration)