after many shorts from hasbro studios on their channel on youtube hasbro studios shorts

non of this shorts appear what happen in the movie all what itS about was the mane 6 get their power

this is not my imagine it belong to SonictheHedgehog1245

and this is it

Twilight is enjoying her new life as Princess of Friendship, and the Crystal Mirror has been transferred to her castle from the Crystal Empire. As Twilight and her friends and the Princesses are having a get together at Twilight's castle, Sunset arrives asking for Twilight's help back on Earth at Canterlot High as new trouble has appeared. Once Sunset explains the situation to everypony, Twilight agrees to return to Earth with her and help the Humane Five with stopping Adagio and restoring harmony to CHS.

That's the best I can think of right now: Sunset returns to Equestria to ask Twilight for help, and she returns to Earth with Sunset to help the Humane Five stop Adagio
Dazzlings sing on red background EG2