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  • Kinrah

    First Year Timeline

    October 27, 2017 by Kinrah

    As a sort of companion piece to the headcanon that I've just posted, I've also cut down part of my timeline here. In Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess Celestia mentions that they’re attending the first Summer Sun Celebration since Luna’s return - that everything in the first three seasons happened over the space of one year. Obviously that would mean the episodes aren’t aired in chronological order - Fall Weather Friends aired two episodes after Winter Wrap Up, for example. Because I’m a fanfic author and I tend to obsess over timeframes, I built a work-in-progress model which I could set my fanfics around.

    The timeline I’ve copied down below only has the canon events, plus a couple of behind-the-scenes events (like where Luna was at the …

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  • Kinrah

    As you might have noticed in my comment on A Royal Problem, I won't be transcribing the remainder of Season 7 due to the numerous technical (not to mention time-wise) difficulties that apparently come hand in hand with trying to record a stream of the episode as it airs live in Canada. Just to explain what exactly's been happening with the season so far:

    • Celestial Advice / All Bottled Up / A Flurry of Emotions / Rock Solid Friendship: These were all aired first in the US, so no problem.
    • Fluttershy Leans In: I don't have time to transcribe episodes on Sundays.
    • Forever Filly: This was the only CA stream that worked well enough to transcribe.
    • Parental Glideance: Aside from being a Sunday episode the stream had stuttering lag.
    • Hard to Say Anything…
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  • Kinrah

    What the title says, really. Euphoria is now public on Fimfiction. Be prepared for copious amounts of Changeling headcanon.

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  • Kinrah

    Updating the S5 Cast Poster

    September 13, 2015 by Kinrah

    So by now a good deal of you will be familiar with the incomplete Season 5 cast poster:

    I doubt we're going to be seeing the complete version of this until after the season finishes, so I'm going to be, where possible, 'revealing' the missing characters from the poster using the magic of Photoshop.

    Starting with S05E14 Canterlot Boutique: Sassy Saddles, Goth Pony and Bright Pony!

    S05E15 Rarity Investigates!: Wind Rider! (With due gratitude to Mughees in the comments section for pointing out my blindness.)

    Not a perfect fit, but there are actually surprisingly few shots of Wind Rider in the episode where he's not either at the wrong angle or not holding that buffet plate in front of him.

    S05E16 Made in Manehattan: Coco Pommel and the Method Mares…

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  • Kinrah

    Happy holidays to one and all! Now, I haven't been pulling my weight around here for quite a while now. Tonight, that's changed. As a Christmas gift from your friendly neighbourhood admin, have some gallery navigation upgrades!

    • Equestria Girls gallery pages!!! Twilight is no longer on her own in having a separate page for her Equestria Girls 1 images! She is joined by the rest of the mane 5 and Spike!
    • Inter-gallery navigation!!! Tired of having to duck back up to the main gallery page when trying to get from Applejack's Season 3 gallery to her Season 1 episodes 14-26 gallery? Be tired no more! New navigation galleries at the bottom of each page allow you to move from one to the other in a single click!
    • Full character gallery navigation!!! Character galle…
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