Because at the moment I have nothing better to do with my time, I spend it by doing things no sane person would think of. Current project: A papercraft model of Trixie. And this ain't no dinky thing, no. The hooves are about the same size as my hand. Estimated height: over a metre tall. This is serious business. For some of the larger parts it takes around twenty minutes to fully cut out and score, and that's not counting faffing about with the PVA.

I had started working on a model of Twilight before, but the model I was using was really high res and had many fiddly bits, plus the fact that her mane is mostly dark and it was running me out of ink faster. Me giving up on it might also have something to do with the fact that I screwed up majorly on her tail.

Now, though, I have lower res models, and after a quick decision, Trixie it is.

  • September 5th:
    • Printout of body (69 pages)
    • Printout of eyes (10 pages)
    • Printout of horn (4 pages)
    • Assembly of horn
  • September 6th
    • Assembly of both eyes
    • Printout of mane front (14 pages)
    • Partial assembly of face