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Kittyshy October 26, 2011 User blog:Kittyshy

Hello! I'm Kittyshy, or otherwise known as Kitty. I'm new to this wikia, but I have been on the 'Wikias' since 2009. I'm very excited to start contributing, yet I'm facing some problems....

  • Are there any rules I must follow?
  • On other Wikias I CAN change my avatar, but whenever I do it just makes me chose from those cruddy pre-chosen ones, and I can't upload any pictures to become my avatar.

Those are just the two, but I guess they're interesting right? :D

I'm very enthusiastic, energetic and fun to ask questions and become friends with, I honestly won't bore people, so be free to say hello or something on this blog.

FluttershyYou're...Going to.... LOVE ME!!! 01:53, October 26, 2011 (UTC)

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