Well, we've already reached the halfway point. Now, I should sum up on my thoughts on the 1st half of season 4:

  • Princess Twilight Sparkle: Great start.
  • Castle-mania: Impressive theme.
  • Daring Don't: Fun, and I guess Rainbow Dash's fangasming is not the same as mine from the time I met Rob Paulsen.
  • Flight to the Finish: 2nd best Scootaloo episode plus a great song.
  • Power Ponies: BUCKING LOVED IT!
  • Bats!: Good morals, good song, good story, nothing more.
  • Rarity Takes Manehatten: Great story period.
  • Pinkie Apple Pie: Awesome song and good plot.
  • Rainbow Falls: It's not too bad; but, hey, I've seen worse.
  • Three's a Crowd: Discord is just as much of a riot as he was in Keep Calm and Flutter On. I wasn't expecting Discord to have a song of his own at all.
  • Pinkie Pride: Weird Al Yankovic is awesome.
  • Simple Ways: Not bad.

Those are my thoughts. I'm sure yours are different.