Part 2 of the villain dialouge is in my last blog. Let's begin part 1

We see Spike sweeping feeling depressed. Then a voice says: "Kid what's wrong? you seem sad". Spike tells the voice he's stuck doing chores. "Chores eh? That stinks. Can you do them tomorrow I mean who would want to do chores on a beautiful day such as this?" He says Twilight wants him to finish them today. "Who is this Twilight?"

Curious, Phantasma (the "villain") starts getting interested to listening about Spike's daily role. "So you work for the princess? You're lucky. At least you're not alone like me." The sad ghost nearly floats away. But Spike tells him he feels the same way. The ghost stops. "Really? You know kid? I think we're gonna become great friends. What's your name?" Spike introduced himself. The ghost says his name is Paix.

Days passed, Paix and Spike start to become great friends. Until... Paix hears loud noises coming from the house. It seems Spike had been hit on the head with a stone statue of Twilight. Taking immediate action, Paix decides to help the poor dragon. Woken up from recovery, Spike suffers from an extreme splitting headache. Spike asks Paix where's Twilight. "She left as soon as you been Knocked out from that statue." Paix in thought: (I cant believe somepony would leave a living being after getting hit on the head! Seems they don't care for him at all. How do I-- NO! I can't do that to my friend! Sorry Spike. It's for the best.) "Spike, could you come see this?" They both see from a window the Mane six having fun on a bright sunny day . "Sorry kid. They left you out on it." Nearly drowning in sorrow, Spike begins to shed a tear. But then a hoof grabs him on the shoulder...

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Spike crying S1E24

Spike crying :(