So there could be a possibility that Season 3 will be coming soon... So I've been thinking to myself "How are they gonna start off season 3? What ideas do they have?" But my last question would be "what would the villain be like? Is the villain gonna be male or female? What powers will the villain have? What species will the villain be?" So I may want to ask you what are your ideas of what the possibly new villain of season 3. This also includes his or her powers, gender, and species. What I can think of so far is a Ghost of an old apprentice of Celestia. His powers are as a ghost, he can posess other people's bodies that are filled with loneliness and sadness. Spike is a good example in my opinion. Because Spike gets left behind a lot on the main six's fun playing around. Which I find pretty sad. So the ghost convinces Spike to leave Ponyville and never return. Then after he leaves, he posesses his body. He convinces to leave by telling him while Spike looks out the window seeing the main six having fun outside "Do you see yourself in that picture Spike?" "How can you be sure you can call them friends if they leave you behind in their fun activities every single day?" "It's about time to finally let them know how you really feel. While they're having fun, you're stuck doing choirs! *Sets fire to list* See Spike? It's time to get out of this wretched place and live your life to the fullest! Hurry!"

The villain I think should should be in the actual series is above this right? I think I might know what his name might be. The villain has 2 forms: Ghost and Alive, both of them have different names,

Ghost form: Phantasma

Alive form: Paix

Trivia: Paix is french for peace :)

This is all I can come up with. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think could be the villain or what you think of the idea I came up with.

Have a Nice Day!

Attention Everypony! Ive been thinkin that Phantasma (Paix) should have more background info and more powers! Read below for more info!

Ive been thinkin that Phantasma has four extra clones of himselves, but with different abilities, personalities, specialties, and especially different names, thus making more than one villain! Here are the clones' of Phantasma

Hydrox: The brains of the group. He specializes in magic. He represents Paix (Phantasma)'s intelligence. But he doesnt show his intelligence THAT much.

Shock Stream: The most confident. Not to mention the most fastest. He's also able to shoot lightning. SHOCKING(sorry).

Bolds: The Brawns of the group. However, He represents Phantasma(Paix)'s kindness. He's also quite a gentleman. He gives a chance to talk before he strikes.

Dark Star: The 2nd strongest of the entire group. He only relies on himself (kinda like an anti-hero) and is a jerk. He has a menacing special ability. He is able to show anyone or anypony's true fears and use them against his opponents. He represents Phantasma(Paix)'s anger and fury. That explains why he's a jerk

What do you guys think of this?

If you want the background info, read below

Paix was nopony but a alicorn with a kind and caring heart. However when he was just a little filly, he had so much power in his magic that he couldnt be able to control it. His parents think that in the future when Paix's able to control his magic, he would use it against them. Paix's parents decide to lock him away in a cave deep within the Everfree Forest. He has nowhere to go, nopony to come to for help. But then... Celestia finds the cold and hungry Paix and she decides to raise him as her own. When Celestia finds out about Paix's magic, she thought he was capable of being her faithful student. Celestia decides to train Paix in order for him to control his magic, and to use it for a good cause.

  • many years passed

Paix grows up and becomes one the most respected in all of Equestria. However, Paix begins to lose control of his magic, he couldnt control it all at once. So Paix seals the uncontrollable magic into 6 gemstones called (plot twist comin up) The Elements of Harmony.

  • 3 months later

Celestia assigned her "faithful student" to one important job for a day: To keep the the Earth's rotation in tact. Celestia promised she would come back for him. Paix waited, and waited, and waited.

Paix's eyes begin to swell up with sorrow when he finds out the sad truth. She wasnt coming back for him. His body gone, his determination remained. Making a ghost of his former self. He promised Celestia was going to pay for leaving him behind and breaking her promise. Paix decides not to go with his name anymore. He says "The last thing she will ever here from anypony will be my name: Phantasma.

Lordy my brain hurts, but it was worth it. Ive put up what Paix looks like at his mid-ages (20 to 30)

Paix (fully grown and as ghost)