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Chapter 10: Confessions of a Phantom

After that accident with Rarity's mane, I got back home, seeing Spike giving a yawn as he woke up. "Good morning Spike." I said to him. He yawned again and said "Morning, Paix." "Are you hungry? Can I get you anything?" I repeated these questions a LOT. I felt like I was his servant. "No. I'm good." "Ok. I'll be downstairs if you need me." I then began to trot (walk) down the stairs. "Wait!" I then stop dead in my tracks. "Can I ask you a question?" "Sure. Ask away." "What was your life like before you were a ghost?" That one simple question made my body felt like an icicle. I have never told ANYPONY about my past life. EVER. "Uh....... Spike, we'll save that question for tonight ok?" "Okay...." Spike said with an depressed look on his face. He then went off to do something. I didnt know what it was though. I swear to Celestia, time went fast and as soon as I knew it, it was night time. "CURSE YOU, LUNA!!!" I screamed to the top of my lungs. "Paix are you ok?" Spike said when he heard me. I took a deep breath and said "Yeah...". "OH! Almost forgot. You were supposed to tell me what your past life was like!" "Yes.. that's right. if you want to know, then I will tell you. You ready?" "Yep!" "Ok, here what it was like..."

This part of the chapter will be told from a third-person perspective. 1,000 years ago...

Paix was nopony but an alicorn with a kind and caring heart. However when he was just a little filly, he had so much power in his magic that he couldnt be able to control it. His parents thought he was a monster with an only purpose to cause destruction. Paix's parents decide to lock him away in a cave deep within the Everfree Forest. He has nowhere to go, nopony to come to for help. But then... Celestia finds the cold and hungry Paix and she decides to raise him as her own. When Celestia finds out about Paix's magic, she thought he was capable of being her faithful student. Celestia decides to train Paix in order for him to control his magic, and to use it for a good cause.

  • Paix was fully grown up and then...

Celestia assigned her faithful student to one important job for a day: To keep the Earth's rotation in tact. Celestia promised she would come back for him. Paix waited, and waited, and waited for his teacher's return.

Paix's eyes begin to swell up with sorrow when he finds out the sad truth. She wasn't coming back for him. His body gone, his determination remained. Making a ghost of his former self.

Present time (Phantasma's pov)

After I told my story, I began to sob like Spike did. Spike stood there, motionless from the story. "You might think I'm a wimp for crying." I sniffled and wiped a tear off. "You probably want to leave right no-" Then he hugged me. I don't know how or why, but he did. With embrace, I returned the hug. "Thanks for being with me Spike." Spike began to yawn and said "No problem. I'm gonna go get some sleep." "Have a good rest Spike." I whispered to myself. Finally, in a thousand years, I felt loved.

So. Very. Loved.

End of Chapter 10! Sorry for the delay!

Man, Phantasma had it rough. Am I right? At least you know why Phantasma's helping Spike.