The story will be narrated from Phantasma's Point of View.

Chapter 3: The new Spike!

I slowly wake up from the ground after the body possession technique actually worked. Its been such a long time since I've done it that I almost completely forgot about how to make it work. I heard voice in my head saying

"Paix what happened?" The voice was Spike. I responded "I took your body. But don't worry, you'll still be able to control it. Actually, we both can." "How?" Spike said confused. "My spirit in your body will still remain. But you can still control your body. I can call myself to take your body in case of emergencies or in tight situations" I began to feel guilty for stealing Spike's body "I'm sorry, Spike. I just had nopony to talk to. I'm just so lonely." "Hey, it's alright. Anything to help a friend!" Spike said. My eyes began to tear. It's been a long time since anypony ever called me a friend. "Thanks Spike."

On The Streets of Ponyville... (This aint gonna end well)

Spike is just strollin around town. Well until I saw this one Earth pony. His fur was dark blue, his mane was a bright purple. He pushes Spike down and just laughs. He says mockingly "Where do you think you're going squirt?" Oh that does it! I instantly took action and took control of Spike. Time to see who will be laughing now. I said to him "You're pathetic you know that?" "What did you say?" I used my Tele Push to push the big pony pretty darn far telepathically. He was stuck to a wall. I saw other ponies just watch as it came and went. I walk up to him and then said calmly "You don't know who you're dealing with do you?" I then walk away leaving him there against the wall. The rest of the ponies just continued looking at me like Im some sort of celebrity. I looked back at the accident and it was a total wreck! "I think I did too much" I thought to myself.

Outside of Ponyville...

When we got out of there, I gave Spike's control of his body back. "Thanks for having my back there." Spike said. "No problem. But I think I might have overdone it. "Heheh yeah. But that was pretty cool." We both just laughed. But the laughter came to an end when we heard sounds coming from behind us. As time passed, the sound got louder. We stood there, prepared for what's heading towards us. But what came with the sound was a very familiar voice. Spike and I stood there in shock as we found out who it was. The voice said this...


End of chapter 3!

If you like it, maybe I'll do more :3