From now on, the story will be told from Phantasma's Point of View. This is gonna be intense. Slight warning. Let us begin.

Chapter 4: A dragon in Twilight.

"Sp...Spike?" We hear the voice say. The voice was non other than Spike's former master and former so-called friend, Twilight Sparkle. "I think I should let you two handle this." I did not want to get involved in Spike's personal business. That would be snooping; and I would never do that. Especially not to Spike. I teleported on a tree near the two. I found out I wasn't the only one watching. "Oh my Celestia, this is going to be amazing." I hear a voice say. "Are you even sure we should be doing this? Wouldn't we be spying?" Another voice said "It ain't spying if we are not spies are we?" I turned around and I find 3 out of my 4 clones watching also. And those 3 were Bolds, the kind and strong one, Shock Stream, the fast and confident, and Dark Star, the anti-hero. Seems Hydrox, the brains, didn't want to watch. Now back to the conversation between Spike and Twilight. Twilight says to the baby dragon "Why did you run out like that?" Spike said angrily "Since when did you care?" "I do care. You know that more than anyp-- "Then why abandon me?" Spike interrupted Twilight "You know it's funny. You treat me like a pet but then you drag me into a so-called family." He clenched his claw to a fist "And to think, I almost joined you too." Twilight began to cry "Spike, please liste- "NO! You listen to me! I don't take orders from you! You need to know when enough is enough!" Spike yelled and began to shed a tear as well. "Sp... Spike I don't underst-" "Just leave me alone!" I was in complete shock of what he just said. I mean, Wow! But then Spike ran off. I teleported next to him and I saw him crying. "What's wrong Spike?" But all I heard him say is "why can't she just accept that I'm not her assistant anymore?" I didn't know how hard that was for him. "Spike, don't be sad. You should be proud! You stood up to her without regret. I'm so proud, If it makes you better, I'll be your family." Spike wiped his tears away when I said that and smiled. "Really? You mean it?" "Every word." "Thank you so much!" I then say to him "You're welcome, brother."

End of Chapter 4!