You want more of the Mane 6? You got it! This chapter can be humurous. Time to write funny stuff for a change :)

Chapter 5: The Apple-Pie goes SPLAT! (HAHA funny title. Im becoming funny :3) Ok time to get serious.

Spike and I decided to move outta that no-good unicorn and lived on the plains. I used a duplication spell to make our new home exactly like Twilight's house. I dont want to make Spike home sick. I then began to use this one spell that makes only Spike and I enter the house. Others, are not allowed. Those who were not allowed will be shocked. Very badly. It takes time though; probably about 30 minutes. I was about to be finished until I hear knocking. "OH come on!" I yelled in complaint. I then opened the door to see who it is. BOOM! I slammed right against the wall. "Irony, isnt it?" Dark Star said. "How is it irony in the slightest?" I said to him. "Well that did seem like the force of a Tele Push." Bolds responded. "Well I guess it does." What I saw was a cannon. With... Confetti? I saw 2 Earth Ponies enter. One was orange, had a blonde mane, and she weared a cowpony hat. The other had a Pink mane and fur. The mane of the Pink One looked a little bit like cotton candy. I then asked Spike "Do you know them?" "Yeah.They are Twilight's friends; Applejack and Pinkie Pie!" I sarcastically thought to myself "More of Twilight's friends. Wonderful." Spike took control of his own body. "Hiya Spike!" Pinkie said. Spike stands up again "Hey there Pinkie Pie!" I thought to myself again "How'd they know where we were?" "Beats me" Hydrox replied. "Uh Spike, we need to talk to ya about whatcha said to Twilight." Applejack stopped Pinkie bouncin around the house. Spike said "Is it wrong to tell the truth? You know about truths and lies more than anypony Applejack. After all, you ARE the Element of Honesty." "Wait, WHAT!?!" I said. "Did he just say Element...?" Bolds said unable to complete the sentence. "Of Honesty?" Shock Stream said finishing the sentence. "Wait a sec, isnt that one of the Elements of Harmony?" Hydrox asked "Yes it is!" I said in amazement. I was completly shocked! "Listen Spike, you need to apolgize for what you said to Twilight! It really, really, REALLY, hurts her feelings!" Pinkie said. "Hm... Can you go back to the part where I cared?" Spike said mockingly. They looked like they've heard enough. And they have. In An instant, AJ tied up Spike,he tried to get out, but it was no use. "Now you're comin back with us wheter ya like it or not!." AJ said demandingly. Not if I can help it. I took control of Spike's body. "Whether I like it or not eh?" I easily got out of the rope thanks to Bold's strength. I teleported away from the 2 earth ponies. "You call yourself honest, and yet you lie ALL the time!" Although I might be in control of Spike's body, but he was doing the talking. "You know what I dont like? You getting in my business!" Here's when I step in. "But you know what I do like?" I teleported in front of her and raised Spike's claw up, "This." BOOM! I Tele-Pushed AJ out of there and she landed on a tree near Ponyville. "Spike, how could you do that? She was only trying to help!" Pinkie said. Spike said back to Pinkie, turning to her, "Says you. If you care that much, then why do tell that to everypony that you DON'T ignore!?! Am I that bad of a friend? Is that the reason why you NEVER included me in your parties!?!" I began to speak in a very evil sounding way. "Do you like to eat cake?" "Mmhmm!" Pinkie muffled with a cake in her mouth. Never question it. I teleported to her after she ate the cake. Then I said to her "Swallow this!" BOOM! Again with the Tele-Push. Who knows where Pinkie landed. Finally, they were gone.

  • Hours later...

It was night time. I saw Spike beggining to yawn. "Hey bro, I'm gonna go get some sleep!" Spike said to me. I let Spike sleep on a bed instead of some basket like Twilight. We ghosts don't really need sleep. "Okay then. Goodnight!" "G'night!" I watched as Spike slowly drifted to sleep. He looked so peaceful. I actually felt happy to see him that way. "Now what do we do?" Hydrox asked. I laughed very playfully. "We're gonna see an old friend of mine." "Oh really? Who is it?" Hydrox asked again. "Man you're curious." "Yep!" "I'm going to see a friend with a BRIGHT AND SHINING face!" "I dont like where this going,"

"Good." I said calmly. Then I got out of the house. Now I'm off to Canterlot... My teacher awaits.

End of Chapter 5! What does Phantasma want? What is his goal? And where did Pinkie get the cake? Why am I asking you these obvious questions? Find out in Chapter 6!