The Mane Six will now be involved in this chapter. Who will be next may suprise you. >:3 Chapter 7: Shyness served on a Rainbow platter

I returned to the house and back inside Spike's body. He already made himself breakfast. That's at least what he told me. He didn't tell me what he had. Anyways, I began to use the spell I tried to use yesterday before AJ and Pinkie showed up. I was almost there again until I heard another knocking on the door "REALLY!?!" I yelled. "Dude calm down." Bolds said calmly. "Sorry." BOOM! I slammed the door open. Odd thing was, there was nopony there. I looked everywhere. The walls, The directions North, South, East, and West, I even checked on the bookshelves because it mustve been the wind. I closed the door calmly. "Huh, that was weir-" I saw the window burst open and I could remember was only darkness. (Author's Note: Yes he was knocked out.).

45 minutes later...

Lordy, that hurt a lot. "Now THAT was irony." Dark Star said. "Will you stop saying that?" "What if I don't want to?" I ignored him. I see Spike slowly wake up. I took the damage from whatever hit us. "Spike... are... you okay?" A kind, beautiful, yet shy voice said. "Oh please. I didn't crashed into him THAT hard Fluttershy." A confident, yet cocky voice said. But the name, Fluttershy, Spike told me about her. He said she was Twilight's friend and the most kindest pony in Ponyville. But that concerned me a bit. Could she be the Element of Kindness? Heh, maybe not. "Uh..." I heard Spike moan. He began to slowly wake up. "Fluttershy? Rainbow Dash? What are you doing here?" I heard about Rainbow Dash as well. Spike told me she is the fastest in all of Equestria. Or at least that's what she says. Has she ever even heard of my speed? "Applejack said she needs us to go check up on you. She also said something about you has changed." Rainbow said. Oh snap! I'm doomed! "I can tell you that nothing has changed about me!" Spike said angrily. "Then explain how AJ landed in a tree!" Rainbow said with a challenging smirk on her face. I then took control of Spike's body. "Does it really matter to you?" I asked the Rainbow-colored pony. "You know it does!" While we were arguing, Fluttershy just stood there in fear, or intense shyness. "If you're the fastest in Equestria, then why don't you prove it?" RD just laughed. "Your kidding, right?" "Nope. And I know just how to prove who's fastest." I replied. "Bring it, Dragon Boy!"

On the plains...

Rainbow Dash and I went to the plains outside. Fluttershy went to stay in the house.Who knows why. "To that tree..." I pointed at a tree about 10 miles from here, "and back. Whoever makes it in the least amount of time, wins." "That'll be easy as pie!" " I'll keep track of the time." Rainbow went first. "Ready?" "I was born ready!" "GO!" She went fast, I got to admit. Her time 13.89 seconds. "Beat that!" Dashie said. "Oh I will. I will." I threw the timer into the air and flew very fast using Shock Stream's speed. When I got back, I grabbed the timer. It was 9.85 seconds. "Looks like you are nopony but a boaster." I saw her jaw drop. It was priceless! Instead of using the Tele-Push, I used a technique Ive been saving. Frost Breath. I used it and she was frozen solid. Looks like the Rainbow Dash is now a Rainbow popsicle. I saw Fluttershy looking at me as she saw everything happened. I took a step closer. She backed away from me. I honestly didn't want to hurt Fluttershy. So I just use Dark Star's special ability: To show everypony's true fears and use them against them. She never looked so terrified. So I said to her very calmly "Run." And run she did! Phantasma, you've out done yourself again! "I know."

End of Chapter 7!