This chapter will break Sparity's supporter's hearts. You've been warned.

Chapter 8: A rare(ity) sight to see.

It was the next day when I show those Pegasi who's boss. I finally managed to get that spell done. It was very silent when somepony finally said something. "Hm... I wonder how Rarity is doing." Spike said breaking the silence. "Who's Rarity?" I asked. "Only the most beautiful-ist pony EVER!" "Hm... maybe I can check out for you? Or maybe you want to see for yourself? I can take you there." "Really?" "Sure why not?" I picked up Spike using my magic and we flew off.

At Ponyville...

"Where does she live?" "Right there!" Spike said pointing at a some weird (yet fancy) looking carousel. We stop right there, looking at it. "That's the Carousel Boutique. Not only it's her home, it's also her shop! She designs clothes for very important ponies! With my help of course." Spike said crossing his arms in pride. "Hm... I didn't know you design clothes." "Not like that! I help her find the gemstones!" Spike said. "Wow, they do look... stunning." I said. No kidding. It did look rather impressive. "There she is..." Spike said drooling, looking at a white unicorn with a purple mane. Her mane was different from other ponies I've seen. "You seem to like her alot. You know," I whispered in his ear "like like." "How'd you know?" "Just guessing." "I wonder what she feels about me." This gave me an idea to help him out. You see, I have a special ability that makes me see what feelings ponies have for one another. This the perfect oppurtunity to help him out. "Do you want to find out?" "YES!" He shouted with glee. Good thing nopony heard that. Somehow. "OK OK take it easy." I touched his head lightly with my horn. A light began to glow around it. A few minutes later, the light faded, and also, I saw Spike sobbing, I've never seen him so upset. "What does she feel about you?" I said in consideration." "Nothing..." "WHAT!?!?" "She doesn't feel anything for me." This is outrageous! "Don't worry Spike. She's no good for a kind, loyal, generous, and honest special somepony such as yourself." Spike was still sobbing. I swear, I'll show her no mercy. NO. MERCY.


I snuck out of the house again, planning what I can do to get Rarity back for breaking his heart. "What can I do to make her squirm...?" "Oh, please Paix. I know plently of ways to get others ba-" "withOUT doing physical pain to others?" Silence... "I got nothing." Dark Star said. "Wait... Rarity has those scissors in her shop doesn't she?" "Yes........ why do u need them?" "Oh you'll find out..." I gave one of the most evil smirking faces I have ever given. "You'll find out."

End of Chapter 8!

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Lordi - Would you love a monsterman - Lyrics

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