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Chapter 9: A rare(ity) site to see part 2 (That's right. there are two parts. Deal with it.)

Midnight in Ponyville...

I snuck myself into the Boutique. Luckily, I managed to get in without making a sound. I think being a ghost is paying off. I managed to find Rarity's bedroom. "What the blazes does she think she is? Some sort of princess?" I thought to myself. I got everything all set. I tied a string to the ceiling. That string is attached to a mirror. When it's pulled, the mirror will come down and reveal the suprise. I saw the sleeping Beauty Queen with... A blindfold with emeralds? Are you kidding me? I then picked up the scissors with my magic and got to work.

One sweet revenge moment later...

Since that was finished, I was going to get out of the Boutique. But then I saw something gleaming that caught my eye. It was a fire ruby! Spike told me that he gave her one on his birthday. I remember the words that Spike told Rarity when he gave it to her: "Then you should have it. This beautiful gem was meant to be with you." With pure anger, I smashed it. "Rarity, you don't derserve this gem. It was given to the most purest-heart you could ever know. And you betrayed him. Time to figure out how it's like to be ridden (as in getting rid of) of something you love the most in your life. And to you, beauty is all that matters, isn't it? You're pathetic." I then got out of there.


"Don't look at me! I look hideous!" Is the first thing I've heard in the morning. It felt so good to hear that. "Sheesh what is that sound?" All four of my clones said. We all saw Rarity trying to hide some sort of shame. "Dude, what did you do?" Shock Stream asked. I then got something out from behind me that looked quite familiar. It was a mane. Rarity's mane. "YOU CUT HER MANE OFF!?!" All four said again. "Yep. But don't worry. I left her something. I wonder if she ever got it." What I got her along with the mirror was something taped on the front door. It was a note. It said in fancy-smancy hand-writing:

To my Dearest Gemstone- Spike

End of Chapter 9!

Finally that priss got what she deserved! WOO! Sorry... Or am I?

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Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane lyrics03:24

Breaking Benjamin - Diary of Jane lyrics

This song also fits the whole Sparity relationship because the song is about him trying to get the girl because he loves her but she doesn't love him back. Also becaue I love this song :)