You won't see THIS coming!

Chapter 6: A Chaotic betrayal

It was night time and I was heading towards Canterlot while Spike was sleeping. I was free of his body (not controlling it) and went to Canterlot. However, something caught my eye. A statue made out of stone. But it was not made from something, but from someONE."Wait a second..." The statue had a horrified face on it. It looked pretty deformed. It had a chicken leg, a lion's claw, a goat's head, and the body of a serpeant. I knew exactly who it was. I did nothing but laugh at it. "Well what do you know? They got you again didn't they?" I said. Then I said again to the statue "You know I gave you a chance to get back at Celestia. And you failed.". I touched the statue with my hoof. "Sorry, it's just good business." I slowly drained the statue from its power but I did not absorb any of it. I just wiped it out of existence. A few minutes later, the statue turned to dust. I stood there, smiling the whole time. "What do you mean by good business?" Hydrox asked. "Does it really matter as of right now?" We just stood there for an answer till it seems like hours till he actually said something. "noooooooooooooo." "Oh forget about it Hydrox." "Ok. I'll make sure we wont talk about this again." "Promise?" "Promise." He did the famous Pinkie Promise. We saw somepony did it the other day. I looked back at the dust of the statue as it all blew away. "See you never. Discord." I said as I flew off. I was still thinking to go to Canterlot. But then again, now's not the time now is it? "Hm.. I wonder how Spike's doing."

End of Chapter 6! Sorry if it was short!