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Ok I had to get something off my chest. I have something on my mind about Spike that I quite put my finger(claw, or hoof), on it. But then when I saw Dragon Quest, I finally realized. The 6 main ponies(TS, PP, FS, Rarity, AJ, RD) never take Spike seriously. Which I find very frustrating. What I also find frustrating that he wasnt include in the picture at the end of the episode. I have got to say, Twilight is a HORRIBLE caretaker for Spike(well, That's my opinion). My reason why is because she barely pays any attention to him, Twilight don't listen to Spike (as shown on Lesson Zero), and most of all, He's been ignored, used, and Twilight is unappreciative of what Spike does for her. That's why I made up the possible Season 3 villain that steals Spike's body (read my last blog). To show Everypony else that He needs the respect he deserves. Ask yourself this "why would I be their friends if they never even payed any attention to me and never cared for me?" Do you see what I'm talking about? I can't stand that the fact that Someponies hate Spike because he's a dragon and not a pony. WHAT'S BAD ABOUT THAT?!? Besides, Spike can outage everypony because dragons can live for a very long time. I hope one episode that Spike will teach them a lesson and ( with the help with my villain, Phantasma) ((read last blog))
Best romantic song for piano tutorial03:19

Best romantic song for piano tutorial

This (I hope) would be the song that plays when The Main six ponies (Again, I hope) Tearfully apoligize to Spike for treating him like an assistant instead of a friend

take over Equestria. I would be a better caretaker for Spike if you ask me. Because I would actually pay attention to him and take him seriously, and (unlike Twilight) treat him as a friend. Does this tick you off as well?
Rarity smothering Spike S2E21

Exhibit A

Main six photo with Spike pasted on S2E21

Spike's True Family (screw that. Instead, It shall be named Exhibit B) and hears your heart back. <3