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    Ask the Wiki

    October 21, 2013 by Launch Croctopus

    Hey guys! So seeing as my first ask me blog kinda flopp--I MEAN uh since I'm just too indie for all that silly bandwagon nonsense, I've decided I'm gonna be all original and creative and use my five hundredth edit on a little reversal of what everyone's been doing lately.

    So I'm pretty much just gonna pose an open ended question to the entire wiki and anyone's welcome to answer. If people actually wanna participate I'll keep it going with more questions, and if not I'll just kinda silently let it die. Oh, and if it does work out and you guys get any good ideas for questions, feel free to suggest them.

    So the question today is: You get to spend one whole day in Equestria! But only one; you have from when you wake up to when you fall asleep that…

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  • Launch Croctopus

    Hey, I've kinda wanted to post a little more on here cause I've been pretty inactive lately and I've come back to find these ask me blogs seem to be all the rage around here. So I figure a nice easy ride on the bandwagon would be a nice re-entry to the wiki. Can't really think of anything to make this one stand out much so you all just get that beautiful title up there.

    So uh, yeah, ask stuff maybe. Or not, that's cool. But I mean, having the only ask blog on the front page with no replies could be pretty wouldn't want to take part in making that happen would you?

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  • Launch Croctopus

    This one for those who haven't seen it.

    Anyways, just wanted to bring that to everyone's attention I guess.  I understand where they're coming from, but it sounds like things are gonna a lot more different than they seem to make them out to be...

    ANOTHER EDIT: So just to review where we all are, it seems lots of people are confused by the wording of "anonymous editing and commenting" and whether or not there is an implied "anonymous" before the word commenting.

    Like if you said "I had boiled eggs and cabbage for lunch," you probably mean they were both boiled, but if you said "I had boiled eggs and ice cream for lunch" you can probably assume that the ice cream wasn't boiled. The problem here is that both those scenarios could work.  Most peo…

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