Hey guys! So seeing as my first ask me blog kinda flopp--I MEAN uh since I'm just too indie for all that silly bandwagon nonsense, I've decided I'm gonna be all original and creative and use my five hundredth edit on a little reversal of what everyone's been doing lately.

So I'm pretty much just gonna pose an open ended question to the entire wiki and anyone's welcome to answer. If people actually wanna participate I'll keep it going with more questions, and if not I'll just kinda silently let it die. Oh, and if it does work out and you guys get any good ideas for questions, feel free to suggest them.

So the question today is: You get to spend one whole day in Equestria! But only one; you have from when you wake up to when you fall asleep that night. How would you spend it? Keep in mind this is ALL of Equestria we're talking about, so you can go to Canterlot or Manehattan or even the places
Map of Equestria April 2013

Decisions, decisions...

we haven't seen like Las Pegasus or the Smokey Mountains or wherever.

So do you go to Ponyville and meet your favorite pony? See the center of the film industry in Applewood? Go to Baltimare just to see what it looks like? Go to Canterlot to check out the royal palace, maybe get an audience with your favorite princess? Or maybe your least favorite so you can tell them how to really run their country?

Also sorry if this has been done before. I kinda missed the first half of all this ask blog business.