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  • Leaf Shade

    Hate this wiki

    April 2, 2013 by Leaf Shade

    Oh my gosh, this place is sooooooo annoying!  I want to leave the fandumb. That's what I'm gonna do. That's right. I mean, Alicorn Twilight is sooo annoying! And people keep on DISSING Applejack! And everyone keeps on SIDING with Rainbow Dash! This show is ruined. Hasbro is turning their back on us bronies. And everyone on this wiki keeps on disaGREEING with me!!!!! So mean. So I'm gonna leave the fandom. Bye bye.


    April Fools.

    ...yeah, it was sort of obvious, wasn't it?

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  • Leaf Shade

    Welcome to another Leaf Shade rant :3

    So, as a huge AJ fan, I've always tried to go on MLP websites everywhere to see how bronies interpret her. Not very positive, I found out. And I quite understand; Applejack's a "boring" character who has nothing standing out except for speaking a line and shutting up for the rest of an episode. She, amazingly, has about the most appearances except for Twi, but she has the least amount of fans/compliments.

    Why? Because her screentime is, like, really badly shown. She says a line because she's there, then what else? Nothing. How many episodes does she have again? Oh that's right, about two. In my sole opinion I believe the developers of the show are extremely biased. Really. Cutting out the scene with AJ a…

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  • Leaf Shade

    Italian MLP:FiM Opening

    September 2, 2012 by Leaf Shade

    Probably like the BEST opening theme for MLP:FiM EVER. I don't speak a single word of Italian myself and I still love this even better than the extended opening English theme. It's (and this is my first time ever using this meme, since I don't like it) 20% cooler than all the other international themes. This is so catchy, so anime-sounding-like. Don't you like it too? I think it'd be PERFECT for Season 3 if the scenes for each character were balanced out. Honestly, I think there's too much Rainbow Dash and Rarity and not enough of the other characters. What do you think?

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