Welcome to another Leaf Shade rant :3

So, as a huge AJ fan, I've always tried to go on MLP websites everywhere to see how bronies interpret her. Not very positive, I found out. And I quite understand; Applejack's a "boring" character who has nothing standing out except for speaking a line and shutting up for the rest of an episode. She, amazingly, has about the most appearances except for Twi, but she has the least amount of fans/compliments.

Why? Because her screentime is, like, really badly shown. She says a line because she's there, then what else? Nothing. How many episodes does she have again? Oh that's right, about two. In my sole opinion I believe the developers of the show are extremely biased. Really. Cutting out the scene with AJ at the end of Episode 50, putting Derpy in with one of her episodes, placing Applejack in the background most of the time. (This is my belief, you all don't have to agree.)

I look forward to Season 3 (which some say starts out at September 15...SQUEE!!) mostly because I really want to see if the developers tried to get over their own point of view and biasness (is that a word?) and got AJ a more positive outcome and GOOD screentime. Plus, Applejack doesn't have a song, HUH?