Flying HUD

This is an AWESOME HUD. Rainbow Dash probably has one built into her eyes.

My pony appearance would be an Alicorn with the Spartan Emblem as a cutie mark. I would be Jet black, with a mane that is LITERALLY on fire. I would be able to... *Trumpets*... Turn my horn into anything that I may need at that certain point in time. I would also be able to flip out a set of goggles with a HUD when flying,and under my wings would be several Flares, bombs, missiles, and LITERALLY many machine guns. And while walking, I would have a HUD mighty similar to a SPARTAN IIs.

Please describe your pony appearance, any special abilities you may have, and anything else. Rainbow Dash brobably used her HUD to win the 'Best young Flyers competition'.

Awesome. My new HUD

My 'Wandering about HUD'