• LegoMan25

    Hi, I am LegoMan25, and Im a brony. I am a Star Wars super fan, so I figured:

    Star Wars plus My Little Pony = Star Ponies!

    So Im making a parody series of all 6 original Star Wars films using Blog Posts. Please let me know your suggestions and whether you liked it or not. Thanks! By the way, I will update the blog frequently to add more chapters. I will post in the comments when the book is complete. Also, the "Hoof" is basically the force in the series.

    The giant red ship known as the "Celestia" flew across space. Inside the ship's cockpit, two stallions drove the ship towards a hovering space station that looked like a donut with a ball in it. As the pilots prepared to dock, two ponies in brown robes approached the cockpit. The smaller one …

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