Author's Note

Hi, I am LegoMan25, and Im a brony. I am a Star Wars super fan, so I figured:

Star Wars plus My Little Pony = Star Ponies!

So Im making a parody series of all 6 original Star Wars films using Blog Posts. Please let me know your suggestions and whether you liked it or not. Thanks! By the way, I will update the blog frequently to add more chapters. I will post in the comments when the book is complete. Also, the "Hoof" is basically the force in the series.

The Book

Chapter 1 - The Ambassadors

The giant red ship known as the "Celestia" flew across space. Inside the ship's cockpit, two stallions drove the ship towards a hovering space station that looked like a donut with a ball in it. As the pilots prepared to dock, two ponies in brown robes approached the cockpit. The smaller one yelled with much joy, "Oooooooooohhhh... are we docking!?! Huh huh huh huh?!?!" The pilot sighed and looked back. "Ugh... yes Master Pinkie, we're docking..." As the ship docked inside the giant ship, a massive turret on the top of the wall aimed but then got pulled back into it's hatch. "Pinkie" and her master walked out and into a chamber not far by. They sat down as a droid shaped like a pony came in. "I am Pony-14 at your service." The droid gave them Celestia Brand Tea as they sat and waited. "I sense a disturbance in the Hoof, padawan. Not here but... elsewhere..." said the older one. Pinkie looked confused. "What kind of disturbance Master Twilight!! Huh huh huh? I have all types! Party disturbances, baloon disturban-" Twilight looked at Pinkie with her... "look." Pinkie stopped at a instant. "Sorry Master Twilight..." Twilight Sparkle looked at Pinkie's eyes and saw a good pony in it. She felt bad for going a bit hard on Pinkie these last few missions. "Pinkie, when we get back to the Pony Temple, you and your friends can have a party." said Twilight. Pinkie looked really happy. "OOOOOO thank you so much maste-" she was cut out by a huge explosion that seemed to come from the hangar bay. They looked out there small window and saw the Celestia in pieces. The vent in the chamber let out neurotoxin. "Padawan! Gas!" Pinkie and Twilight both covered their noses and used a few chairs as blockades to stop most of the gas flow so that only a tiny bit was released. The gas's stream ended short after. A door on the other end of the room opened to reveal what seemed like a smoke grenade's smoke being released. They used the Hoof and sensed 6 or 7 droids that looked like ponies with blasters. Pinkie and Twilight both activated their Equestria-Sabers. They walked out slowly, and attacked at the pony droids. Twilight used her unicorn powers and threw some into each other, then using her saber, sliced the other one in two. Pinkie grabbed the remains of the sliced pony-droid, and threw it into her enemies, hopping on the other two, trampling them, then finished them off with her Confetti-Cannon 3000. "Umm padawan, I dont mean to question your... unique... fighting style, but why do you carry that Confetti thingy with you?" said Twilight. "Cause Confetti can be used for harm AND for fun!" Twilight gave her a strange look but then laughed and so did Pinkie. They walked down the hallway, when suddenly a few pony-droids that looked like mutated ponies rolled up on their round-like body. A shield appeared around their bodies and they fired at the duo. Pinkie and Twilight both galloped as fast as they could past the droids and ran into another corridor.

Chapter 2 - The Invasion

This chapter is yet to be written by the author.