Sour Sweet: Principal Cinch I got all the sneaky pictures to bribe the Wondercolts with.
Principal Cinch: Perfect
Sugarcoat: Why do we care we all know the Wondercolts are truly better we just cheat in menacing ways and then from off our track by writing humiliating newspaper articles about them.
Sour Sweet: Sugarcoat!... not so loud
Sugarcoat: Urgh you talk to much, and anyway were 21 blocks away from CHS so no point you Brat.
Sour Sweet: Why you little Brute [scream]!!!
Principal Cinch: Enough! it's time you listen to why we hate Canterlot High

Cinch Song

Sugarcoat: That's the most annoyingly catchy song I have ever heard.
Sour Sweet: I actually agree with her.