Well, I have been noticing that Rainbow Dash is a very honest character. she's always saying whats on her mind, saying whats up. And in the episode Games Ponies Play, Rainbow was the first one to confess they got the wrong pony. But she is the element of Loyalty. sure, Dash never leaves her friends hanging, but it seems she's more of the honesty. Also, though Dash still got the sky clear. she did it a bit late, and only with 'encouragement' from Twilight Sparkle.

And then there's Applejack. is she fit for her element? after all, she did lie to Pinkie Pie in Party of One. and in Boast Busters, she also lied again. In Applebuck Season, Applejack lied to Twilight that she didn't need help. But however, AJ is very loyal. She lied to Twi because she was loyal to her job, and determined to get it done alone. she saved Ponyville from a stampede, defended her cousins hometown Apploosa in Over a Barrel, and is real loyal in my point of view.

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