Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

aka The Sunkist Lord

  • I live in 'Straylia, mate!
  • I was born on January 8
  • My occupation is Tenno
  • I am a professional lewdman.
  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade
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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Honest question here, i really dislike S4 - current season. S1 and S2 are only ones i thought were good, but everything after that is just bleh. I will admit there are 1 or 2 eps that i liked, but other than that i don't like the rest. Probably the reason why i stopped watching the show months ago.

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    So we all do silly things past midnight

    I did many silly.

    dont judge me :(

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Okay so i would like to apply for Wiki King on this here Wiki. I will list me reasons why.

    - i am coll

    - i am smurt

    - I Am An Orange And White Chunky Monkey Looking For My Sombrero

    - boogers

    - I Am Not T-Marey

    - I am secretly a buttered piece of toast

    - I Am Moderator Shad And This Is My Favorite Wiki On The Citadel

    - I wrote a really kick ass fanfic! (you know, the one with Twilight?)

    - I am writing another fanfic but is kinda stoopid

    - No Smith, it is not a waifu fanfic just so you know c:

    - plz

    - give

    - me

    - promo

    - shin

    - I will make the spaghetti become upsetti if i don't det me promoetti

    Ha. Nailed it.

    Happy April Fools btw c:

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Okay, so where do i start...

    I need to take a 3 week leave starting today because there is a REALLY annoying thing i need to be working on at school and it's getting on my nerves. So i won't be on as much as i was (or at all, for that matter).

    When i have knocked this project out of the park, i'll then have 2 school exams to do after the holidays, but basically, once i've done this project, i will have lifted a LOT of stress off my back.

    After the next 3 weeks, i promise that i will come back on with the fighting spirit (and the charm, y'know) that i i've always had, but even better! So until then...

    Keep on spreading the justice you do to all.

    Love y'all.

          09:40, July 21, 2016 (UTC) 

    EDIT: I've just learned that i don't need to work on it in a…

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