Chapter 1

It was a dark, starry night. As Twilight lay on her bed, she kept thinking "It's great that i'm a princess and all, but when will i meet the one? THE one?" As she sat there, pondering this question, she heard a knock on her door. It opened and there stood the majestic Princess Celestia. "Princess, the Grand Galloping Gala is just about to start. Are you ready?" She calmly asked.

"That's right..." Twilight thought to herself "Tonight's the Grand Galloping Gala. All my friends wil be there, all dressed up. I wonder if i will meet the one there..." She then got up and faced the mighty princess. "Yes, Princess. I am ready."

"Very well." said Celestia. "All of Pnyville is awaiting your arrival. Best we go now." She then trotted out the door. Twilight then paused for a few seconds, and then followed her.

As she walked down the hallway after the princess, the felt a calming ambiance surround her, yet she felt anxious. Yes, she had been to the Grand Galloping Gala before, but it was such a big event. All fo Ponyville would attend this grand occasion, all dressed up in their best suits and dresses. As anervous as she felt, she still felt a bi of confidence in her that this night was going to be perfect.

"Right this way, Princess." Celestia motioned through a large door. Twilight knew what was beyond that door. She knew it was all of Ponyville. This was it. This was the big event. As she stood before the door, she knew she had to be ready. Se then breathed in, nudged open the door with her confidence and gazed at the sight she had just seen...

Chapter 2

It was amazing. It was spectacular. Celestia was right. ALL of Ponyville was there, including her friends. And some unfamiliar faces she'd never seen before, like a man with a red cap and mustache, a blue hedgehog, a robotic bear and a guy made out of blocks! Also, Flash Sentry was there, but nobody cares about him. There were also two skeletons: one short and one tall. Twilight didn't know the names of these characters, nor did she know where they came from. Also, in the distance, she saw a green stallion with  brown eyes. This one caught her eye. She didn't know why, but he just seemed very interesting...

Suddently, there was a big explosion, and there was a massive hole in the wall. And outside of it was Bowser and Dr. Eggman! And they were all like "Yo guys, this party is stupid so we're gonna rek it lol." And then Sonic said "Kek hell no, Baldy Nosehair! That's no good!" And so, he used the 7 gem things and became Super Saiyan Sonic. Then Mario said "Mama mia, it'sa that damn lizard AGAIN!" soMario used the 7 Crystal Stars from the first Paper Mario game and became Super Mario. Then Freddy Fazbear said 'Hey i should fight too, seeing as my videogames now rule the internet lol" and he used the 7 Cupcakes and became Golden Freddy. Then Steve was buildin' diamond armor because it's the best and he make an diamond sword and was ready to fight too!

And then Applejack said "No guys! They look very dangerous! You need more help!" and everypony said "Applejack, you are useless!" and so then she ran away crying. Rip in pizzaroni rolls.

Then Rainbow Dash said "Hey i'm liek the best pony on the show so i should be fighting too because i am obvs best pony lol" and so she used the 7 idk Elements Of Harmonica to become Super Duper Mary Sue Alicorn Mega Ultra Rainbow Dash. "Oh hell yeah, now i'm 10000000000000020% cooler!" She exclaimed.

Fluttershy did nothing because she's all like "Nah i dun wanna fight cuz i'm a pacifist."

And then Rarity says "Oh no the horror the bad guys have come!"

Pinkie Pie says "Whooo! This calls for a party because that's all that i specialse in! Oh, and making people smile!"

Twilight Sparkle then became a fully grown Alicorn via majik. She was the same size as Celestia. "Here Princess, take my crown!" Celestia gave Twilight her crown. As she placed it on her head, she then became invincible to everything and nothing could kill her because that's what the crown does.

And then the skeleton known as Sans from Underfail said "yo bro do u wanna haev a bad time?????" and had a blue eye and Megalovania plays which came from Underfail first YES IT DID I DID MY RESEARCH.

And so the most ultimate battle was about to unfold!

Chapter 3

Yeah so they kicked ass anyways NEXT CHAPTER

Chapter 4

Twilight fell bakc to the ground, tired. She looked around everywhere for that stallion but couldn't find him, Suddenly, he teleported in front of her and threw back his cloak. "Hello Princess. It is me." he said.

"H-huh?" She questoned the stallion. "What do you mean it's me?".

Why, it's me. The one writing this fanfiction. The one i've worked SO hard on." I said.

"O-oh. I see. What happens next in this fanfiction?" She asked me.

I whispered in her ear, and she blushed.

"Well then, let's do it now~."

And then we kissed.

Yep that's what i said.

Honest to goodness.


What did we learn?

We learned that:

  • Applejack is useless. No exceptions.
  • Flash Sentry is useless. No exceptions.
  • Only true Twilight shipping is Twilight X Shadowgallade7777. No exceptions.
  • Rainbow Dash will always be best pony. No exceptions.
  • Underfail is the best game of the year. No exceptions.
  • Celestia's Crown makes you invincible to everything. No excpetions.
  • No exceptions. No exceptions.

If you ship your OC with Twilight Sparkle, then it should go ded in a hol olololololol Thank you for taking the time to read my beautiful piece of garbage :)

P.S This fanfic is supposed to bad, because i wanted it to be bad. ;)