Okay so i would like to apply for Wiki King on this here Wiki. I will list me reasons why.

- i am coll

- i am smurt

- I Am An Orange And White Chunky Monkey Looking For My Sombrero

- boogers

- I Am Not T-Marey

- I am secretly a buttered piece of toast

- I Am Moderator Shad And This Is My Favorite Wiki On The Citadel

- I wrote a really kick ass fanfic! (you know, the one with Twilight?)

- I am writing another fanfic but is kinda stoopid

- No Smith, it is not a waifu fanfic just so you know c:

- plz

- give

- me

- promo

- shin

- I will make the spaghetti become upsetti if i don't det me promoetti

Ha. Nailed it.

Happy April Fools btw c: