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    My epic Pony - Rachel

    November 12, 2011 by Lisa Rachel

    Before I start....I´m boring you, or? All this thinking and talking about a pony.....but you know about MY ONE



    The name of My Pony is Rachel. She has no family bacause a dragon stolen it..... She was a small babyfilly when this happpened, but she wanted to protect her mom and her dad..... the dragon was still stronger and hit her at her left eye. So you can conclud that she can see only a little bit with her left eye. But she could save his power and magic in her left front-leg. Because this she is very smart and clever! But she is quiet and she know a lot about the history of Ponyville. Somethimes she is "without any feelings" but she love her friends.... but like her way xD. She want to find the dragon which hurted her and stolen …

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