shadowdemon: dad

embergale: divorced mama

derp muffin: best friend that every one thinks i have a crush on

uglyturtle: pet turtle that eats my socks

mlw: aunt that i love but scares me some times for no reason XD

futtertheshy: younger sis

king: uncle

equ: uncle who uses the comp alot

jonny: my uncle who cheers me up when im sad

fade2BLACK: the waffle framed on the wall i wanna eat TTwTT

julie: my best friend who is really good at singing

cod: the fish who ate my noodles ._.

cavejohnson: granpa who thinks lemons will one day take over the world

princepony: brother who thinks hes the prince of the house T_T

UnintentionalFan: the mysterious neighbor that always has good advice

(note: this family is ONLY for people i know and seen on chat.)

jackealep (or something): the pet hat thats rarely worn :D